Not Standing at the United States of America’s National Anthem? What?!

by nicholas_insana. on October 3, 2016 - 7:58pm

The article I read changed sports and the way people look at our country at an unbelievably fast rate. Colin Kaepernick, a back-up for the San Francisco 49ers made a huge stand for people of color. While the preseason starts Kaepernick tweets and retweets many examples of “Black Lives Matter”. This for several weeks went unnoticed until August 26th, a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. A reporter notices that while the National Anthem is being sung, through the standing bodies he sees Kaepernick sitting on the bench. After this going video going viral everywhere it gets everyone’s attention including Obama. According to authors Will Leitch and Ted Keith, Kaepernick in a later interview defended himself by saying “I am not going to stand up to show pride for a country that oppresses black people and people of color” (Keith, Leitch. Sports Illustrated. 9/26/2016). This changed the way people looked at our country as the next ween other players joined him in sitting during the National Anthem. I feel as though this is the right thing to do if you feel so strongly about something you don’t think is right. We have the freedom of speech which means you can express your feelings in any form you want as long as you don’t harm or hurt anyone. Although this specific act makes this seem like our country is falling apart, it’s not. 


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The first thing that drew me to your post was the title. It was very catchy and grabbed my attention which led me to start reading your post. When I saw the title I was wondering what could lead someone to refuse to stand during his/her national anthem. As I read your post I quickly realized and agreed with the fact that Colin Kaepernick was trying to make a statement by doing so and that it was the right thing to do. Some individuals don’t always speak up the right way. However, I believe that Colin Kaepernick chose an effective way to bring attention to his belief; very silently and also in a none harmful way. When you mentioned that an NFL player did not stand up during his national anthem to take a stand for people of color because his country acts superior towards them it made me think of the concept taught in class about racism; Colin’s country has treated people of different ethnic groups in unfair ways which relates to the definition of racism that a system in which one group of people exercises power over another group on the basis of physical traits and cultural differences.

To start, I was drawn to your post due to the catchy title chosen and because I had already heard of this story before. At first, I did not understand why the NFL player, Colin Kaepernick did not stand up for the national anthem, which is usually a sign of respect. However, after reading your post I realized that he did not want to encourage a country that did not support him. It was a great way to do so, since he did not do any harm, but made his intentions clear to everyone. In my “Race and Racism” class, we discussed what racism was and your post reminded me of this theory. In fact, racism can be defined as a system in which one group of people exercises power over another group on the basis of skin color and other physical traits, meaning that one group is superior to another due to their differences. This situation reminded me of racism because for some people, in the United States or in other countries of the world, people of color are still not seen equal to other races. It must stop and the football player’s act was a beginning. To finish, I really enjoyed reading your post, it was interesting and made me want to read more about this article.

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