The Misogyny of the Clinton Family Tree

by erika_yeager on October 3, 2016 - 4:26pm

Ever since the beginning of time, gender biases have existed and gone head to head with equality. There is no denying that the intensity of these biases have definitely weakened and allowed women more opportunity, rights, and choices. No one could have ever imagined a woman being the Democratic nominee for the President of the United States just ten years ago.


Contrary to popular belief, just because Hillary Clinton is the presidential nominee does not mean that Americans as a whole support her or the women’s movement. More specifically, an article from The Atlantic contains information from numerous case studies that show how deep this concept and conflict of gender runs. Men always have and probably always will feel threatened by a powerful and intelligent woman for one simple reason—history. Historically, women have always been under a harsh microscope and held to more societal standards than men. These studies throughout this article revolved around men’s unhappiness with a female boss, the likelihood of a husband to cheat if his wife is more successful than him, and the frequency of sexual harassment on women whom push the boundaries of gender roles (Beinart, 2016, p. 2). 


These are all quite relevant studies that maintain a great deal of value to understanding the relationship between men and women. Society is accustomed to men being in positions of power or control. Male figures continue to rule the world although women are becoming increasingly more prevalent, especially in politics. However, women will always be criticized to a higher degree than men if change does not occur. Women are carefully watched, and now, Hillary Clinton is under the largest microscope in the world. As the article stated, Hillary being elected would only make the portrayal of women even weaker than it currently is (the same thing that happened with Obama and the portrayal of race) (Beinart, 2016, p. 3). 


No matter what political party resonates with an individual, Hillary running for president will shift the view on women for years to come. Politically speaking, I think Hillary Clinton is the worst presidential candidate to step foot on the campaign trail. Regardless of the view of gender, I think she is a horrible person that would make an even worse president. Just because she is a woman does not mean people should vote for her to become president just to be a part of history. America has waited 200 years for a female president, and I think we can wait 4 or 8 more years for a woman qualified for the position.


BEINART, P. (2016). Fear of a Female President. Atlantic, 318(3), 15-17.


The first thing that caught my attention was the title; it was clear and demonstarted a precious demonstration of what was going to be in the article. However, what incited me to read this article was definitly the the demonstration paragraph. Wow ! "On the 8th of November, the American people must cast their vote for the next president—either an unpolished, seemingly prejudice business man or a corrupt woman who has been enveloped in scandal since the womb" (Erika Yeager). When I read that sentence I knew right away this article was going to be good, direct and truthful. The strength and power of this sentence grabbed my attention for the rest of the article.
I found it very intersting when you mentioned that having Mrs. Clinton occupy the most powerful postion in the world would harm or make worse the image of women. I found this statement releveant because most people would think that having Hillary Clinton as president of the united states would enhance the feminine sexe and promote the women movement which would demonstarte a clear evolution of society. Yet the point brought up in your text clearly show why this statement could be true.
When you said that Hillary was under the largest miscroscope it made me think of an implicit set of beliefs that society has accorded to women over time. Unconsiously people continue to treat women differently than men, for example the lack of pay equality between both genders. The idea of Hillary being under a gigantic microscope simply because she is running as president demontrates that society tends to be more doughtful and more cautious concerning her plans and ideas because she of her sexe. Yet, according to this implicit view society does not act this way becaiuse it is mean spirited or sexist but simply because it has grown with the idea that men should be sitting in the most powerful chair. Overall this was a good article that allowed me to relate to it and learn from it. Once again bravo on that amazingly formated sentence.

Interesting that you decided to use that as your title, but you bring up some really good points there. Misogyny is in fact rampant in the Clinton family in terms of Hilary being a suitable candidate for becoming the president of the USA because she would be the first female president in the USA. Though I think it would be better to say that there is misogyny not only in politics but around the world and in many professions. This problem stems from the fact that our society was and is still to some extent based on patriarchy. A patriarchal society is one that has all the powerful roles filled by men and men are making the important decisions in our world. A certain kind a man is also present here, the hegemonic male. A hegemonic male is the one who's made to rule and is perfect for being a leader. He conforms to the man box and is predominately always a middle class Caucasian male, he's aggressive and always active. This means that it's more likely to see more men in higher positions than women because that's how we've been told that things should be.

Women are also faced with others problems besides being deemed not capable of being a leader. We see terms such as “the mommy track” and “the glass ceiling” being used. The mommy track refers to the path that most women will choose to take, which will in turn inhibit them from being able to climb the corporate ladder. Instead of focusing on their careers women will put their attention on their kids. The now limited amount of work and time invested in their career would mean that they won't be able to take on those top and powerful positions. The “glass ceiling” is another term that will eventually inhibit women from reaching to the top. It's a metaphor indicating that at some point women won't be able to advance in the work force and won't take on the more respected and high paying careers. This barrier is not visible but you will eventually hit it. This can be caused by a multitude of reasons and for example; women may be choosing less taxing career paths or employers or bosses that discriminate and prefer to hire men over women.

Women aren't always given the chance to rise to the top and even when they do, women are constantly being held back and being pulled down. This isn’t a new issue, it’s been around for a long time. Seeing women at the top or even women attempting to get in those powerful roles in society is the first step in the right direction.

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