If You Think America is Fat Now, Wait Until 2050

by jowihu on October 2, 2016 - 7:58pm

           Do Americans care about the future of their health? This remains to be seen as time goes on. But one thing is for certain, that the weight of those in America will increase. This article predicts that the number of Americans who are obese by the year 2050 will be 42%. A team from Harvard and MIT completed this study in 2010. It goes on to say that rate of obesity in the world has gone up drastically as well. In the 1980s, 857 million people were considered obese, but in 2014, 2.1 billion people were considered obese. This tripled from the 1980s to 2014. The article then goes on to talk about how much obesity is costing people. In the United States, spending for those who are obese is between 174 billion dollars and 190 billion dollars, and spending for individuals is 24% more for those who are obese than for those who are not. Aside from America, it also gave statistics on how much obesity costs the world. This is not only a domestic problem. People worldwide pay 672 billion dollars annually to treat obesity for people around the world. Obesity is not only a problem for people’s personal health, but also for their bank accounts.


            I find these numbers about obesity mind-boggling. Having an obesity rate of 42% means that by the year 2050, 4 in 10 people will be obese. 42% of the country will not just be overweight, they will be obese. Something needs to change. People need to learn to eat right and exercise more. I feel that more information needs to be put out about what this country could look like if we do not change. More regulations do not need to be placed on foods that people can and cannot have, but we need to educate people on what could happen to them and their kids in the future if we do not change as a society. People’s health will be in jeopardy.


            In addition to the problems people face in the doctor’s office, they also face problems with their wallets. The amount of money that people pay to treat their obesity was also crazy to me. People who are obese pay 24% more than those who are not. This could translate to hundreds or even thousands more dollars being spent because people’s weight gets out of hand. The country as a whole also pays insane amounts of money to treat obesity. If so much money was not spent treating people’s obesity, money could be spent elsewhere. For example, it could be spent improving this country’s education system, which is underperforming. I think people need to realize that they are not only costing themselves, but they are costing others as well. We need to control this problem, so that in 2050, America is not as fat as many think.


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