Escalating Wage Gap Issue

by pw0311 on November 7, 2016 - 10:32pm

            The wage gap between men and women in the workplace is an issue that has been around for decades. The issues originate from women occupations being undervalued thus getting paid less than men with “better” jobs. Currently, women have equal positions and are still being paid less than men for doing the exact same job. This is for many unjustifiable reasons. One being that women are allocated to positions within a company that are generally lower paying. When applying for a position women will get the job but placed at a lower position than men because employers believe that men are better than women no matter what position so women will often have to prove themselves to be worthy of a position for that promotion. Another source of this wage gap is female dominant positions are collectively paid less. For example, at a hospital, nurses have a low base salary mainly because a majority of the nurses are female. Employers feel they can get away with paying unnecessarily low salaries. This again traces back to the lack of value that women’s labor is given. Since an all women pay roll is presented, it is ok to assume that they will be paid significantly less than what they are valued at despite their many sacrifices and contributions. Every day the wage gap gets smaller and smaller as many big companies come to recognize this nation-wide problem and eventually, this wage gap problem will close for good.


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I found your article really interesting because a lot of people think that the wage gap between men and women is an issue that no longer exists. I was drawn to your post because of the issue you wrote about and as a woman, it immediately caught my attention. You explained really well the causes of this issue and I really liked your optimistic closing sentence! I think it is outrageous to see that women who are doing the same jobs as men are still being paid less. I also find it shocking that women dominant positions are paid less, when they actually work so hard (like being a nurse)! This issue made me think about the concept of white privilege that I saw in my class. We compared white privilege to male privilege because in both cases, the dominant group is being advantaged, whilst the other is greatly disadvantaged. There is a taboo surrounding the fact that white people have rights beyond the basics advantages of others; they have uncountable advantages that black people don’t have, so do men. People are taught to remain silent at these advantages that “dominant” groups have; but to put an end to this issue, we have, as a society, to be aware that some groups have more advantages than others, so that people can realize how non sense this is.

I was drawn to this post because its title intrigued me. I was wondering what was the wage gap issue this post talked about, and especially, between which groups it occurred. I was not surprised to see that it was about differences between men and women incomes for the same jobs, since we heard a lot about this salaries inequality between genders. For the same amount of work or job positions, women are still getting paid less than men. I did not realize that this situation occurs because employers have the feeling men do better at their job than women would. I found it interesting to learn that employers give women lower paying jobs on purpose, because they are not comfortable in giving them important positions. They have to prove their worth and work hard, whereas men can sometimes get these positions from the start of their employment. I believe that this wage gap issue is a similar situation to the high level of unemployment in racial minorities as we saw in class. Just like for women, employers have the feeling that they can not do as good of a job simply because of biological factors, like if it had an influence on their intelligence or capacity to perform at work. I think employers should judge who should get a position according to their capacities, not on their appearance or gender. Your post was really interesting.

: I was drawn deeply to your post because I have recently submitted a post about a similar topic of wage gaps between males and females. I strongly agree with every statement that you made in the post. Females are less valued than men when it comes to occupations. In the similar research that I did I found that others believe that the only reason women get paid less is not because they are valued less but simply because they work less. In my research, most males still believed that woman do not belong in the work industry and instead they should be at home cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children. My research also stated that women get paid less because of their “typical work hours” which refers to their parental leave when in labor or absence from work for having to take care of their children. Although this is true I agree that women are valued less therefore they get paid a lot less than woman do.

I was very intrigued by your post on the current gender wage gap situation. You seem to follow the very popular view that women are somehow paid less then men for the same work. I decided to write this comment in the hope that my point of view might change your perspective on the issue. While my class ''The Myth of Race and the Reality of Racism'' mainly focuses on racism, male privilege and sexism are often mentioned. To be honest I don't believe that women are actually paid less than men for the same work. The gender wage gap, while technically true, is biased and ignores a lot of important factors. The most important one being the number of hours worked. It is clearly proven that men work more hours on average than women. This easily explains why the annual average income of a men is higher. When you say that women are undervalued in the workplace, you're not stating a fact, you're simply making an assumption based on a wide and unacurate statistic. The assumption that because there is inequality in wages it automatically means that there is discrimination. It is a fallacy. There is no evidence that proves that women in 2016 are paid less then men for the same job with the same education with the same number of hours worked. You state the example of nurses, which are usually paid less than doctors. You state that nurses are paid less than doctors because most of them are females. It is an assumption that cannot be proven. What can be proven is that doctors receive more education than nurses, which can easily explain their higher salary. But to put facts aside I would like to give my point of view to finish. In North America, there is what we call the equality of opportunities. No matter our gender, we all have the same opportunities. I believe the only reason why men earn more money in general than women is because men and women simply make different choices and want different things from life. Men, from my point of view, tend to be more attracted to work life while women are usually more attracted to family life. This could possibly explain the fact that men work more hours than women. Gender discrimination is an assumption, I believe it's simply because men and women are different.

I was drawn to your post because I found the title very catchy and I wanted to learn more about the issue. I had already heard about the wage gap, but I had not realized how much it is still present in our society. In fact, I cannot believe that it is still an issue we are talking about nowadays. Women work just as hard as men and are just as capable as men to handle the same jobs, so I think there is absolutely no reason that they get a lower wage. In addition, I was surprised to learn that women occupying a female dominant position are collectively paid less. It automatically made me think about the concept of white privilege described by Peggy McIntosh, which she links to male privilege. If we can notice male privilege in our society, white privilege must be another important issue. White privilege is an issue that we tend to forget because it is considered normal and we were taught to think this way. It goes the same with male privilege, males tend to see it as normal. Fortunately, the wage gap is getting smaller and the issue is getting more recognition. I think this issue comes from the roots of an old way of thinking and the more time goes by, the more it changes. Finally, your post was interesting and it did motivate me to go read other articles about the problem.

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