Do Latinos Have a Say?

by lyanez on October 3, 2016 - 5:14pm

A hot topic in this year’s 2016 election is: immigration. Donald Trump has a lot to say on that subject and can always blame Mexican Americans for everything when that is just not the case. Donald Trump has continuously said that they are “criminals, rapists, and drug dealers” when in turn they have actually helped America become so-called “great again”.


In the article, “Trump Has Demonized the Latino Community”, the author Janet Marguía (2016), compels her readers to think about how much Latinos make up a large amount of the American population and are contributing citizens and should be able to exercise their right to vote. Janet Marguía makes a clear stance on how everyone in the Latino community should get their vote in because this election has included them in a lot of ways.


Recent polling asked Latinos their thoughts on if it is more important that Latinos go out and vote on election day this year than it was back in 2012? The results were undeniable. Latino Decisions found that 76% of Latino voters across the United States believe that it is more important for Latinos to vote in this year’s election. Going against on what Donald Trump has said about the Latino community being a burden in this country, we can see the effort the Latinos put in taking away the stigma. There is more recognition of registering to vote and engagement. For example, high schools are placing a senior registration curriculum to encourage in-school voter registration. It is important to be talking about this issue because many people see the Latino bunch as a people who are all automatically classified as immigrants when three out of four Latinos in America already are U.S. citizens. It is also important to see it through the shoes of a Latino. Going back to stereotypes with race, this community has gotten one of the worst demeaning comments about them when not everyone is like that. All in all, Marguía’s article provides a basis to a hugely talked about argument about whether or not Latino’s have the right to vote and how many view the situation of immigration.


Do you think that Trump has portrayed Hispanics as wicked and threatening? He has in multiple occasions said that they are bringing problems and that in order for there to be less of that trouble the US has to make Mexico build a wall. But in turn, many will shatter that wall and instead of building a divider we need to be opening a door for acceptance and growth. If you want to get an in-depth knowledge about the topic, click on the URL in the reference.




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The first thing that drew me to the post was the title, it made me wonder if this specific group was being segregated and what the reasons would be. After reading the post it made me think about an issue I hadn't considered before, that in the year 2016 there would still be this level of racism especially from a politician that wants to lead the country. I find it very interesting to learn that “76% of Latino voters across the United States believe that it is more important for Latinos to vote in this year's election”. It is very inspiring to see that these Latinos will not just sit back but will come together to fight against this injustice. This post made me think back to something I learned in class being : how race is a social construct created by the dominant group which allows them to define the negative aspects of the inferior group. Trump is a part of a higher power making him more dominant and this allows him to group all the Mexican Americans into “criminals, rapist and drug dealers”. I enjoyed the way you ended your post by saying we need to open a door for acceptance and growth and completely agree with the statement. Your post encouraged me to read the original article which gave me even more insight and helped me understand the issue with more clarity

When I first read "Latinos" I automatically knew that the article would be interesting and related to Donald Trump. Basically, I also thought the title was pretty catchy so I read it right away. After having read your post, I looked at the original article given at the end to have more details. The first thing that I found surprising and shameful is how Donald Trump is embracing the stereotype about Latinos. We are in 2016 and still, such a major person like him is talking in such a way. Also, I like how she states the fact that three out of four Latinos in America are officially citizens of the country. Very quickly, that made me think of a very simple concept we have seen in class which is the stereotype. This concept is clearly defined as," a false or generalized conception of a group of people that results in an unconscious or conscious categorization of each member of that group without regard for individual differences." In this case, the categorization of Latinos as "criminals, rapist and drug dealers" made by Trump is obviously conscious. It is even worse in this case because his words are spread all around the world through media. Furthermore, I also think that we could link Trump's view of Latinos to Individual Racism (Racial discrimination that stems from conscious personal prejudice) since he is also describing them as a threat to the country. After all, I think that this post is clearly explaining the main facts concerning the stereotype and racism made on the Latinos in America.

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