CS:GO Illegal Online Gambling

by Richmond Huot on October 3, 2016 - 10:19pm

In the article it describes exactly what is occurring in regards to CSGO gambling and the current legality regarding it, but definitely leaves out some shady events that do occur which makes the entire situation even worse.  So how exactly does the gambling occur? In two different ways, betting on the results of tournaments and casino style betting with various sites just doing coin flips, roulette or things in that nature.  Instead of using money directly, you would trade the in game item of weapon skins to the gambling website and be given credits based on the market value of the skin.  This is where the legality of it gets alittle bit fuzzy but honestly shouldn’t be.  Although only credits are earned by depositing the skins and using those credits you can only “cash out” by receiving new skins, this in essence is gambling in a nutshell due to fact that there are websites available where you can buy and sell the skins for cash directly.  So in reality, you can easily compare these skins to betting chips that they have in casinos, because although those chips and these skins don’t really have value, there is a general consensus that they do since you can exchange them for actual money.

So honestly why does this all matter?  This isn’t some small time gig.  Millions of dollars were being won and lost every day.  Also the United States has gambling laws which are currently aren’t in effect for this skins betting which is obviously awful for the consumer as the owners can do pretty much what they want as it is unregulated.  The worst part is that no real age checks and a lot of traffic does go toward and is targeted at children.  Kids gamble due to their favorite youtubers promoting it with insider information and house money as well as the children thinking its an extension of their game since so many people are doing it, it sounds like something that is legit.  And that’s what Valve was allowing to occur as they are facilitating this whole process as they hold the online marketplace for the trading to occur and where 15% of all sales goes into their pockets.  Once this all comes crashing down, they will surely have to face the heat of the general public and hopefully the law for aiding in this illegal gambling ring. Which honestly may occur soon because in more recent events, there has been a class action lawsuit to revert all money lost if you were under 18 and gambled on the site which made Valve send a cease and desist letter to all CS:GO gambling websites to show they do not support these actions but since they allowed it to go on for so long I doubt they will be unscathed by the end of the lawsuit or by whatever other legal actions may occur in the future.


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