Are People Spending Too Much Time Playing Video Games?

by Richmond Huot on December 9, 2016 - 10:58pm

It’s been said that this upcoming crop of young people are being so immersed in technology that it’s becoming a hindrance to their way of living.  More specifically, critics point to gaming as being a negative influence via its content and material, promoting inactivity or simply being a waste of time.  However this journal provides evidence contrary to this line of thought and cites that there are positive aspects to having a devotion to videogames such as an increase in time management skills and finding a more suitable social environment for oneself.  
Results were found that even the more hardcore gamers did tend to fulfill their social duties whether it be school, work or family while still being able to play more than an ample amount of time. And many interviewed did say they would do it in in-intrusive manners such as when the kids were asleep or everything was already taken care of. Of course this is not everyone since some people would likely not be able to manage their time as well to do so or would rather just play videogames than do some real world commitments.  But honestly I think that is pretty cool that some people can like videogames so much that it sort of consumes them to the point that it becomes a vice.Of course it does become very questionable if it does indeed cause the person to become completely unpreductive. But overall since it was found in the article that playing videogames did help time managament skills I find it unlikely that outside of a few negative outlier cases, that people generally are no spending too much time playing videogames.
Majamäki, M., & Hellman, M. (2016). "When sense of time disappears" - or does it? online video gamers' time management and time apprehension. Time & Society,25(2), 355.

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