The answer: More officers?

by Giants86 on October 3, 2016 - 11:33am

Chicago has the most homicides in the United States but could more police solve the problem? There are already 12,000 officers on the force so would 1,000 more officers help solve the problem or create more of a problem as a result. Chicago had 500 homicides in the whole year of 2015. The year of 2016 isn’t close to being over and they have already reached the 500 mark set by last year alone. Law enforcement is trying to solve this problem but hasn’t succeeded thus far.

It has been said that recruits usually spend about 6 months in training and Superintendent Johnson said he would try to quicken the process to get more police on the streets faster. The problem with the amount of homicides could be the fact that the police aren’t getting the required training and experience in those 6 months that they actually need. In retrospect if the root of the problem for the amount of homicides in Chicago is directly related to inexperienced cops the training process shouldn’t be shortened at all.

In recent history a small portion of the United States has had issues with our law enforcement officers. The two sides have not seen eye to eye and there has been killings because of it on both sides. The addition of 1,000 more officers to the streets of Chicago could be risky for both sides in the sense that there could potentially be more problems between the two. Tensions have definitely been high these past few months and every week you seem to hear something new about a murder of either a police officer or a civilian by a police officer. Is the answer to this issue to really add more police officers to the force?


Reference: Phippen, W. J. (2016, September 21). Can 1,000 More Officers Solve Chicago's Homicide Problem? The Atlantic

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