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by Virginie on November 2, 2016 - 11:30am

Global warming, extinction of species, natural disasters… Scientists are all talking about it, but what really causes it? The destruction of the Amazonian forest is one of the reasons. Today, it is about 750 000 km2 of the forest that have disappeared (IRD). Unfortunately, economic motivations are too often considered more important than environmental ones. South Americans should care more about the Amazonian forest because its destruction is ravaging.

The deforestation should be taken more seriously because it contributes to the ruination of the planet. The emission of greenhouse gases during the process of deforestation supplies the global warming. According to Scott Wallace, a writer for the National Geographic magazine, ‘’because trees are wantonly burned to create open land … Brazil has become one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases.’’ Additionally, cutting the trees also means diminishing the amount of plants that are able to reduce the bulk of CO2 in the air. Without photosynthesis, the amount of CO2 in the world just grows and there is nothing to stop it. In brief, the quantity of nasty gases is amplified because of the burning trees and because of their death.

Furthermore, the deforestation should be stopped because the biodiversity is highly affected. According to Rainforestconcern, when trees are cut, the land cannot survive for a long time after. Farmers have to move and they destroy more and more places because the other one is too dry to produce anything. Moreover, ‘’the Amazon is home to more species of plants and animals than any terrestrial ecosystem on the planet’’, says Rhett Butler, so each time that an area is destroyed, an enormous quantity of animals and plants lose their place to live. This rain forest could not stay as rich as it is if the species cannot live the way they need. In brief, the biological richness is more and more reduced because trees are lost, but also because animals cannot survive if they lose the thing they need the most: their home.

Finally, authorities should concentrate on finding solutions for the deforestation because the situation is more and more alarming. Scott Wallace wrote in his article: ‘’In the time it takes to read this article, an area of Brazil’s rain forest larger than 200 football fields will have been destroyed.’’ This shows how serious the situation is, because, in approximately thirty minutes, the planet loses thousands of trees that help to maintain a good quality of air, and so, a good quality of life. In addition, recently, scientists realised that ‘’the increase of single-crop farming … has pushed herds further and further into forested areas, and so accelerated the process of deforestation’’ (IRD). These specialists talk about it to convince people to take the necessary measures to settle the problem and to help the planet not to die. Even if the situation is already disastrous, it gets worse and worse and governments and people have to act before it is too late.

In conclusion, South Americans should treat the Amazonian forest better than they do now because it spoils the whole planet, it puts many species of plants and animals in danger and it always gets worse, year after year. If there are no important decisions that are taken in the interest of this useful rain forest, the whole environment will be threatened.


Virginie Ducharme, David Dupont and Benoit Lamontagne.



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Thank you for writing a good essay. It's important to protect a forest of the Amazon.. I think so, too. Trees are necessary for human and animals, and these are indispensable. If the destruction of the Amazonian forest causes global warming, extinction of species and natural disasters truly, specialists or student like us, all people have to think about solution to prevent lack of the world. I want to live in a comfortable environment. Probably, people who live in South America must think so. It's a big problem, and it's difficult to think about it. We have to protect our world.

You're right to say that it's a big problem and this is why the solutions are really hard to find... South Americans are not the only ones to blame, because we all use what they produce. If everybody reduces his or her consumption, it could be beneficial for the Amazonian forest!

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