Samsung VS Apple

by Jules on September 15, 2016 - 12:28am

Nowadays, choosing a cell phone is getting more and more difficult. There is a wide variety of models and a wide variety of companies that products them, although two of them stand out of the group; Samsung and Apple. There are numerous debates to determine which of those two companies makes the best cell phone. This text will showcase Apple cell phones pros and cons. First, The cell phone itself is ergonomic and solid, it also is heavy enough so it doesn't feel like a cheap piece of technology. Second, the software that the phone runs on is well designed both on aesthetical and technical (or practical) points of view. Finally, the most important con is that the phone is closed in such a way that an expert is needed to open it to change parts inside the cell phone. To conclude, even if Apple cell phones are not perfect, their product is superior than Samsung's.


Your opinion is interesting. I like they way you present the two sides of the product. It show that you really want to notice people on the good and the bad side of the apple cellphone. The structure is okay. You use good words to fit with the subjects and it's easily understandable. In my opinion, you are right about apple products. I think it's the best on the market for qualities and for their aspects. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

Hi. Nice to meet you, Jules. My name is Koume-chan. Then, thank you for your short essay. I prefer Apple one because apple's cellphone or products are popular among young people in Japan. I am really interested in your essay. Your essay was good for me because it was easy for me to understand contents of your essay. Thank you.

Hello, Jules. Nice to meet you. I'm Tuna.
First of all, I liked your essay title. It was interesting for me and I thought that this essay seems to make me enjoy reading. Actually, I'm not a user of both Samsung and Apple. I'm sorry, but I cannot agree with your opinions... However, people can introduce your opinion when they choose their cell phone. Thank you for writing a good essay!

Although this post is 5 months old, i still want to comment on this post
first of all, Apple did a really good job on creating one of the best and biggest fan in the technology field. Their products is a no doubt one of the best. However, it's 2017, and although iPhone 7 is a good product, it doesn't reflect the best result Apple wants in 10 years mark. Sales is decreasing compare to last year 6s or 6. Samsung however, did a very good job on the S7. I wasn't the biggest fan of the S6 because of Samsung 's attempt to use glasses for a flagship: the corners are sharp, poor battery life, big camera, etc. They fixed EVERYTHING in the S7. Bigger battery, one of the best camera and smaller hinge, rounded corner which makes it 10 times softer to hold, best AMOLED display, etc. They nailed the S7. They did make a very big mistake in carelessly check the Note 7 and cause fire to the user, but I believe that in the attempt to gain people trust from the S8 which would be very soon announced, they will be back on the road to beat Apple 's iPhones .

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