A Dead End?

by gabeeeb on October 31, 2016 - 3:21pm


What would it be like if the government decided who should live or who should not? At the moment, many states of the United States use the death penalty as a punishment for criminals. It is kind of a revenge for the victims who fell in the hands of monstrous people. Offenders who suffer from legalized killing cannot get the chance to become a better person after their prison time. That is why the population wondered what it would be like if the death penalty was allowed in Canada. The capital punishment system could bring harmful effects for Canada and the population.

Sometimes, during trials, some of the lawbreakers that are waiting for a death penalty sentence can be wrongfully convicted. According to Amnesty International, since 1973, in the United States, about 140 people have been liberated from their execution because some evidence proved that they were innocent. For example, in Alabama, Daniel Wade Moore was accused of sexual assault and murder and that leads to the death penalty. In the article “Death Penalty”, Amnesty International writes, “He was acquitted in 2009 when 256 pages of withheld evidence were finally revealed.” In fact, some other factors can discharge someone : “ racial prejudice, inadequate legal representation, community/political pressure to solve a case, etc” (Amnesty International). In the United States, the population has a huge influence on the government, so that when a trial related to death penalty is in process, the government see the pressure made by the population to solve the case. In brief, someone can be murdered because of a crime they did not commit.

In addition, death penalty is really expensive for the government. According to the Huffington Post, the population has to keep in mind that the costs for trials related to death penalty are really high. For example, in California, it costs 137 millions of dollars for the capital punishment system against 11,5 millions of dollars for a system without the death penalty (Amnesty International). For the current system in the United states, the costs are really expensive because the society has to pay for the incarceration of the prisoners and there are some greatest costs during the trial such as more investigative costs contracted for the prosecution, paying for another trial and extra time for the jury selection.

Finally, the capital punishment system is not scary enough for offencers because there are still many crimes done every day. According to the website Huffington Post, a study showed that the states who use death penalty are the states with the highest numbers of murders. Another study reported from The Times found on the website of Death Penalty Information Center said, “Ten of the twelve states without the death penalty have homicide rates below the national average (...).” These studies prove that the death penalty does not reduce the number of crimes. Additionally, for the Huffington Post, death penalty is a freedom of prison for lawbreakers because they don’t have to do prison time. In conclusion, the capital punishment could bring serious effects for Canada because innocent lives could be taken from wrongful convictions. The high cost could drop Canada’s economy because it’s really expensive. Plus, the death penalty is not scaring criminals from doing crimes. If one day it happens, the system would divide the population in groups, it would probably be overused by the government and it would finally break all the convictions and values that the country has.


Alex Bouchard and Gabrielle Boulianne


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Your essay is very good. I want you to write more details. I understood your opinion about it. I want to remind and compare with my thing about it. Especially, I am interested in this sentence " If one day it happens, the system would divide the population in groups, it would probably be overused by the government and it would finally break all the convictions and values that the country has." I think so too that the government should think about it deeply.

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