Are the minorities discriminated by police in United States of America?

by Félix BG on November 10, 2016 - 12:43am

The police officers receive calls every day in order to solve domestic incidents or to protect the citizens. It is important to stay professional in every situation to avoid accidents that should never have happened. Because police officers are sometimes excessive in their way to apply the laws especially with minorities.

To Begin, minorities are more exposed to police brutality. The young black men aged between fifteen to twenty-five years are the ones that were involved in the biggest number of shootings with police in 2015. Also, according to, to the, an American online newspaper, young African American represent two percent of the population and are involved in fifteen percent of the altercation with police, furthermore one in every sixty-five deaths of a young African American is due to police shots. In fact, according to, a black skinned person has three times more chances to be killed by police then with people. ¨ More unarmed black people were killed by police than unarmed white people last year. ¨ For Sam Sinyangwe, the writer of the previous line, an activist researcher who started the Mapping Violence Project, it is very important to lower the level of police brutality in every community.

To continue, many people killed by police officers in USA were unarmed at the moment of the shootings. For example, according to the, out of 1 149 people from all ethnic groups killed in 2015, a hundred were unarmed. Subsequently, when a suspect is unarmed more peaceful techniques can be employed than the usage of the pistol. For Lorie Fridell, an associated professor of criminology at the University of South Florida, police officers are more likely to see threat in minorities. ¨ I am a white middle-class professional woman. I enjoy a good privilege. And I certainly have the black crime implicit bias: I am more likely to see threat in African Americans than I would in Caucasians. ¨ It is important to make sure that every citizens has the same treatment regardless of their skin colour.

To finish, the majority of the deadly scenarios start from small incidents. According to the, twenty-one percent of the shootings in 2015 started with a call for domestic violence that has degenerated. Then, fourteen percent of the shootings between a suspect and a police officer began with a road infraction that has turned into a pursuit. For Dr Daniel Reidenberg, the managing director of the National Council for Suicide Prevention, we have a tremendous problem. ¨ In a society where firearms are prevalent as they are, law enforcement should respond in a certain way to prevent accidents. ¨ In simpler terms, suspect must be more cooperative and police more patient.

To conclude, it will be important in a near future to eliminate police brutality in every community because officers are sometimes excessive in their way to apply the laws especially with minorities, unarmed people and when the accusation are minor. 

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Hello. I'm Tuna, from Kansai Univ. of International Studies. Thank you for writing an great essay.While I was reading your essay, I was shocked because there are lots of incidents killing innocent black people. The number of them was more than I was expected. Police officers are busy, as you mentioned, but they should pay attention to local people and families in the area. The image of police is not good these days, so we have to change it. Your essay was very informative and it taught me a lot. Thanks.

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