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by jeremieaudet on September 14, 2016 - 10:14pm

In the industry of electronic products, there are some big names known by the entire world. Since the 80's, Apple never stopped to impress us with new technologies and improvements. in fact, Apple's fans biggest argument is the operating system and the device itself. The two are made in the same house. iDevices are completly built by Apple. There can be no lag, bug or compatibility problems. To continue, apple always brings new technologies like Retina displays, Touch ID or 3D Touch. All of their new advancements are always at the finest touch. To continue, Apple customer services are at the limit of perfection. They always try their best to make each experiences unvelievable. In fact, Steve Job took almost one year working on the little plastic foil that cover the iPhone. Finally, for all those interesting details, perfections and attentions, not to mention the power of their devices, Apple must be the finest company in the tech-world.


I agree, I used to have an HTC cellphone and it was the worst thing ever. Since I changed for an iPhone, it's 10 times better than the other one. Even though it's getting old, I still love my iPhone and I'm thinking about changing it for a new one: not sure about the iPhone 7 though. You have to take in consideration that I don't know a thing in technology this is why I don't have a strong opinion on the subject.

Hi, jeremieaudet. Your article is very good and so interesting because I use to use the company of Apple. I also respect Steve Job since I have started using iphone. In addition, the industrial skills around the world are improving now. Almost all people are using iphone so I think that they are respecting him.

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