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by alexgerm on September 14, 2016 - 10:05pm

In secondary five, most of the students have to choose a program in Cegep or a DEP that will sort of determine the rest of their life. The thing is that when students do not know what they want to do with their life, future can be more frightening than exciting. Even if choosing a pre-university program buys two more years, this time might not be long enough to realize what people want to do next. For the people who always knew what they wanted, it can be frightening too. Indeed, they might have to move to another city and start a whole new life. The fact that nobody knows what the future reserve is pretty scary because life might not turns out the way someone expected it to be and then have to start over. So, this is why the future seems a lot more intimidating than comforting for some people like me.


First, really nice paragraph. You have a really good way to write, the only thing I can notice, is that in a school context, the utilization of the "me" would not be accepted. However, the whole text is excellent and also really true. In fact, I approve the idea as many of us would do.

I have a lot of concerns about my future because I do not know whether I can make my dream come true or not. My future job is an English teacher. However, I can not speak, write, read, listen to English well. If I didn't be an English teacher, I would not decide another job. 003 Tigers

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