by Antoine Longval on December 4, 2017 - 12:03am

NFL biggest disrespect


This article is talking about the NFL players taking a knee down while the national anthem is playing before the games. Players are doing it to manifest their frustration towards police brutality and racial injustice in America. The movement had already been created but have been brought in the NFL by Colin Kaepernick an NFL superstar. He was the only one to do so and since that day no one is willing to offer him a job in the NFL, even though most of the players now is doing it. In this articles it present governor Reynolds opinion on players taking a knee. She is perceiving players action as a disrespect to the men and women that fought for the freedom of the country. She thinks that players should manifest their disagreement, with the current situation, by being more engaged in causes or support a political candidate that is representing what they believe in. The article also talks about the implication of the President. Donald Trump, via his twitter account wrote his opinion on the issue and had a pretty critical opinion on that subject suggesting that players who are kneeling during the national anthem should be fired or suspend. He even mentioned to NFL’s fan to boycott the NFL if further protests are still going on. There is 2 perception of the problem. On one side, people think like governor Reynolds, and on the other hand there is people that think it is a great action and that they are only using their popularity to fight a conflict inside a country. I personally think that it is up to the player’s freedom to decide whether or not they want to kneel. I think that racial injustice always had been a big problem inside the united states, and it has been increasing even more since the arrival of the new president, Mr. Donald Trump. Players are using all the visibility that they have to protest against a social issue that has been going on forever and never has been fix. I personally think that players are not kneeling to disrespect in any way the soldiers of the American army, but simply to protest against an issue. I think that players should continue protesting by kneeling during the national anthem, because it is the only way that the entire country or almost, is going to see the player’s manifestations. compared this issue with the Montreal police uniform. Policemen are putting camo pants to show their disagreement to their conditions and instead of using violence or protesting and creating a conflict inside the country they use their visibility to protest in a passive way.

Protesting to defend what you believe in is something that fits with my personal worldview. I believe in human equality, and I am totally against racial injustice or abuse of power by the police. I think that we need to defend our rights and if we don’t use all the resources that we have to defend what we are believing in we’re going to lose everything. Does violent manifestation are more effectives than passive manifestation?  


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I totally agree, but I can also understand why people in the USA would get mad about this, with that being said, football is just a game, but people still have the right to express to their opinion, couldn't they do that outside of the field? There has to b another way for footballers to protest than just kneeling during the national anthem

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