Canda injustice

by Antoine Longval on December 4, 2017 - 12:05am

Canada injustice


The article I chose is talking about Quebec chart of values, also known as bill 62. The article is presenting what the Justice Minister Stephanie Vallée had said concerning the law. The law is not as severe as everyone thought. People with their face covered would be asked to uncovered their face when they are receiving or giving a public service. More precisely, that doesn’t mean that women wearing a burka or a niqab needs to be uncovered when they enter a public establishment. The article presents the situations being applied inside hospitals, public transit, and libraries. For example, during a bus ride people would be required to uncover their faces only if a photo ID is required and they could recover their faces for the rest of the ride. This rule applied for women wearing a burka or a niqab and even people wearing sunglasses and scarfs. In a library, an individual that has his face covered would be required to uncover his face to talk to one of the staff members, otherwise his face can be covered. Finally, in an hospital, patient would be asked to uncovered their faces when in direct contact with an employee. Even though the law has been imposed in last October, no sanctions has been imposed to people who pertains not following the rules. The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even said that “a government shouldn’t tell woman that they can and cannot wear” (Benjamin Singler). I am personally not in favor of the law, I think that Canada is a country that promote equality and freedom. I believe that this law that has been impose inside our province is a law that contradict our beliefs. I understand the concept of restricting people from having their faces covered for security reason. However, not in a situation of religious beliefs. Every citizen in Canada should have the liberty of believing in whatever religion and practice it as much as they want. I think the law is a disrespect to Muslims and is affecting them more than any other individual. I think governments shouldn’t decide or tell people what they can or cannot wear based on their religious beliefs. Justin Trudeau opinion on the subject connects with my worldview, I believe in freedom and think that all human are equals and should be treated equally. What the government is imposing Muslims women is not a treating everyone equally. Do you think Canada is really a laic country?




Shingler, Benjamin. “Amid criticism, Quebec explains the rules of its face-covering ban”

            CBC News, 24 October 2017, Accessed 29 November 2017







Canada isn't a laic for the simple fact that we still "belong" to England which is still a protestant country, so that makes us protestant, but I think that we are as laic as we can be, although our christian background will often clash with muslims and that is why they often get a bad rap, but the Canadian government will soon com to their senses and correct their obvious lack of respect towards these women

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