how technology is affecting ethics in business

by deschats on March 6, 2014 - 4:05pm

Since few years the technology got a big advancement in the industry. Now everything can be connected, we only have to write someone’s name on google to find plenty things about him. I think that technology is affecting business in a wrong way. The ethics can't be fuelled trusted now because the patron can go and see what you do all the time like on facebook or on twitter. It can be hard to understand the true difference between work and the personal life. With the entire internet the patron can go and see what kind of person you are out of the work and choose to not engage you in regards of what you do out of work which shouldn’t be done because it’s not ethical at all.  People can be totally different in their work than they are at home and the personal life choices shouldn’t be considered to get a new worker.  Well, with all this new technology the personal life doesn’t exist anymore and it’s helping the big company to spy their worker or even their customers if you are in a bank by exemple and asking for a loan the bank, again the bank could see what kind of people you are and then choice to give you the money or not. I think with all these information the ethics in company aren’t what they used to be.


Florence Deschatelets


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