article comment and my view on ethical business

by deschats on February 13, 2014 - 7:31pm

I think that the article Why leaders need to have integrity written by HARVEY SCHACHTER is totally right about what it’s saying about the integrity. We can’t trust a manager if we don’t know about his integrity, it’s a must to be able to control a company. I also think that what it’s says at the end is right, even when you think you’re a person with total integrity you can’t over estimate yourself because at a point you might have a failure.
                Also, my own definition of an ethical business is when a business knows its own limit. An ethical business is when they know that they could make more money if they change how they made their product buy they keep the old way because they enjoy how it’s done and it doesn’t matter if they pay a little bit. Being ethical is also when you know you can makes moves to destroy less the planet and you do it. But being ethical is also relative to each other, it depends of your own vision of being ethical which depends of your own value and where you are from.  Well, being an ethical business is being able to do your own thing and this while you respect the others and that nobody or nothing is hurt. 


Florence Deschatelets

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