Trump's America

by ssgiingram97 on February 16, 2017 - 8:28am

              Trump’s America is a scary place. Innocent people are being called out and threatened all because of what religion they belong to or what race they are or the colour of their skin.

               Innocent men and women being killed and tormented all for the way they live their lives. Parents telling their daughters to take off the hijabs and to not wear them to protect them from the harassment. People throughout America are being harassed and because of this harassment they are forced to try and hide their religion.

               Just an example of what Trump’s America looks like, here is something that happened recently in New York.  In an article posted two weeks ago, it speaks about a subway car that was covered in Nazi symbolism. A resident of New York, Gregory Locke said he boarded the subway in Manhattan to see that every window and advertisement had a swastika drawn on them.

               Everyone on the subway car was uncomfortable and unsure of what to do, that is until one passenger got up and said “Hand sanitizer gets rid of Sharpie, we need Alcohol”.  Everyone on the subway car that night came together and within minutes the hateful graffiti was gone.

               One of the passengers said “I guess this is what Trump’s America looks like”.  This is sad, when you think about it a lot of the things that were said during the election by Donald Trump in one way or another been compared to somethings Adolf Hitler had said back in Nazi Germany. For Example:


Adolf Hitler                                                                                        

Ø  Used racism to rise to power                                                                     

Ø  Proposed mass deportations

Ø  Promised to make Germany great again

Ø  Anti-Jew Fascist

Ø  Blamed Jews for Germany’s problems

Ø  Thought Jews should wear special ID’s


             Donald Trump

Ø  Used racism to rise to power

Ø  Proposes mass deportations

Ø  Promises to make America great again

Ø  Anti-Muslim Fascist

Ø  Blames Immigrants for America’s problems

Ø  Thinks Muslims should wear special ID’s


     Trump’s America might look like this now, but if people, like those on the subway car come together and fight back against the hate and the harassment, then maybe things will get better.


I always knew those 2 had lots in common

I always knew those 2 had lots in common

It was hearing warming to read about the story you shared about the New Yorkers in that subway car getting together, and resisting an act of discrimination and hatred. The concept of “Trump’s America” is very frightening, and the fact that it is now an reality rather than a farfetched possibility is absolutely mind boggling. Virtue ethics would approach this issue by pointing out that virtuous people with good virtuous, such as tolerance, compassion, humility, fraternity, kindness would do the right thing and stand up against the violence and hatred in current day America. Utilitarianism argues that ultimate goal is to provide the greatest amount of happiness to the largest amount of people. However, in this case how can the “greatest amount of happiness” be determined? Would that happiness be equality and peace the New Yorkers in the subway car fought for? Or would that be the bigoted rhetorics of those who drew the Swastika on the windows? It is hard to agree on a common summon bonum, the end goal. In this case, I believe the best approach would be Rationalism. Sure, virtue ethics has good intentions, but I don't think it is strong enough. Rationalism believes that all human have the duty of following the laws. It is a deontological framework, therefore it is only concerned about duty and the importance of obeying rules. One has to obey the rules, there is no exception. It is the duty to fight again discrimination and it is against the law to commit hate crimes. For these reasons, Rationalism is the correct path when it come to fighting Trump’s America.

I fully heartedly agree with what you are saying. “Trump’s America” is truly a terrifying place, especially considering how citizens have chosen to grant him the power to fulfill his racist, sexist agenda. Sexism is in fact another important factor which was located at the forefront of his political movement. He thoroughly embodies the image of traditional hegemonic masculinity. That is, he is rich, powerful and believes in the women’s subordinate role. He blatantly disrespected women throughout his campaign and employed his positive opinion on the patriarchal system to rally his voters behind him. People ended up electing him because he is a reflection of the ideal American man who is angered by women gaining power. It is absolutely mind blowing to even think that he harnessed over 40% of the female vote when he was competing with a women and discriminating them throughout the elections. On one side, there is a misogynistic, disrespectful man and on the other, the was a woman who vowed to fight for women’s empowerment. Yet, the voting was very tight between both candidates in the female demographic. Even if you happened to disagree with some of Hillary Clinton’s policies, she was promoting a more just society governed by tolerance. Trump is simply embracing the same tired model based upon maintaining the division between sexes. He embodies the very traditional view of women’s roles which is unfortunately still held by many Americans. This view is the very one that has caused the wage gap, issues in employment and overall injustice with regard to women. However, in times where masculinity is supposedly under attack, men perceive him as a possibility for the reinstitution of men’s domination.

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