High school student improves

by Shiny on March 7, 2017 - 12:17pm

Olivia hallisey, a Junior High School student,, she soon became interested in the research of Ebola outbreak after seeing how quickly it grew. She looked into various tools and found there were few, those were difficult to use and expensive. The ELISA kit proved to be the most reliable, however its dependency on cold temperature made it slow and inefficient, by the time one person would be diagnosed they’d have already infected several others,spreading exponentially faster than it could be diagnosed. She aimed to make a more reliable and easy test to diagnose Ebola and other diseases, by removing the temperature dependency all-together. Thanks to two scientists at tufts university in boston, by the names of Fiorenzo Omenetto and Benedetto Marelli, she was able to use their liquid silk formulation to nearly eliminate the need of refrigeration in the ELISA kit. The test is applicable to other diseases such as HIV, Lyme, Yellow and Dengue fever and certain cancers.


She entered her project in multiple science fairs before finally entering in Google’s annual science fair. Winning the grand prize and awarded with a 50,000$ scholarship. Her project has definitely helped many people worldwide, most particularly the many areas actually stricken by these epidemics leaving entire villages economically destroyed and many children orphaned.


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