Fake News putting down the refugees.

by marie22 on February 9, 2017 - 9:07am


After having read  the article “No Canada doesn’t spend more on refugees than on pensioners” by Anna Mehler Paperny. I figured out that many Canadians were sent a fake email or saw fake memes on social media saying that our government spent more money on refugees than on pensioners. This was a fake email and it was also a fake source of information; I found out that refugees in reality aren’t given that much money, and that they have to pay it all back, but that they also have interest on their costs. This article also mentions that aged Canadians actually get a lot more money per month and also a lot more care and security than refugees.

This article is also proven to be a good source, when going on the links placed throughout the article to show the accuracy of the information given, the links bring you to government sites that explain and show all the truth of the information said in this article, which is why this article can show the horribleness of fake news and how this fake email made many Canadians mad for complete nonsense.

This article can also make us realize that fake news can be done by any means and can be done for absolutely no reason, and can be very wrong and completely invented. Though I consider you make sure your news sources are completely safe before reading, spreading, and mostly believing, this article is a good reminder that we may still be at risk of believing fake news.


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