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Hydraulic fracturing  which is commonly known as fracking is the process where-by water, sand and mixture of chemicals are injected into a shale rock  at a high pressure down and across into horizontally drilled wells as far as 10,000 feet below  the earth surface for extraction of shale gas. This gas is called unconventional gas because of the way it is accumulated in between the layers of the rock. The reason behind this is to increase the rock permeability for flow of shale gas during extraction because of is low permeability. UK is one of the countries that have shale gas, however extraction by the process of fracking has become an issue in the UK due to the public opinion about the dangers it can causes in the environment, socially and health wise so therefore opposing the government idea of allowing shale gas production in the UK

We found in our discussion as a group that area’s subjected to fracking in the UK at the moment are Oxford, Blackpool, Bath, Hull, London, Nottingham, Leeds and Bristol but more yet  to be discovered stated by cuadrilla resources . Within the governmental body is also opposition who do not agrees with the Conservative Party leader Prime Minister David Cameron’s willingness to allow fracking in the country, making it an issue, meanwhile the demand for energy in the UK is high and continue to increase due to growth of population and technology as a whole. Allowing fracking in the UK will make UK self-sufficient enough to produces and supply energy without the need to import as they are doing now, economically fracking will help to reduce the energy expenditure, create new jobs, energy security and investments benefits in UK

The Public perception and the Governmental body that do not agree with fracking are not looking into the economic benefits but the dangers it can cause. Even though energy produced by shale gas is cleaner and cheaper than that of fossil fuel as long as climate change and global warming is concern. Fracking fluid which consist of water , sand, silt and mixture of chemicals used for fracking can cause serious problem to health and the environment as the public says because it contaminate drinking water, increase earthquakes, destroy the earth minerals, plants, sea species and the eco system as a drilled well begins to leak into the surface of the earth. The public anti-fracking campaigners took the streets after an earthquake occur at Balcombe in 2011 to protest against the fracking activity in that area BBC News.

To conclude, we realized that fracking has both advantages and disadvantages in the UK just as the oil and gas production but as the UK geological union says, if extraction by fracking take place in more deeper depths it lower it risks to the public and seismicity induced by hydraulic fracturing would be not greater than magnitude 2, then the public should be more educated about fracking and the government should also put measures and regulations that will prevent disaster occurring by the process of fracking from it exploration, production and Abandonment. Proper operational practice will reduce the public perception of being against and embrace the economic benefits that production of gas and energy will bring through fracking

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