UK AND USA (Group 2)

by aframoaa on October 29, 2014 - 6:37pm

Our group chose an article about the effect of climate change on trees if temprature would rise 
by 4 degrees celcius in London, UK. A team collected native tree species from North America such as the 
field maple to plant in the UK to see how the growing conditions will be for the trees by 2050. I noticed 
similarities between the articles such as the UK is part of the EU and is very active in activities to 
preserve the planet such as cutting down the carbon emissions and planting tree species to adjust for 
the future climate. Also in both articles the main focus is a solution for the long-term to combat climate 
change not short-term. Although I noticed that your groups article emphasized on using the reduction 
promise as inspiration for other countries to commit to reduce as well. While our article was focused 
more on smaller issues such as planting trees to compensate for change. The article your group shared 
met my preconceived notions of the UK as your countries policies towards the environment are 
generally much more sustainable than ours. While many countries in Europe agree to make a difference 
the United States is too stubborn to agree to help. I was surprised by your groups article as it proves that 
many countries are trying to make a significant impactsuch as a forty percent reduction of emissions. It 
gives me hope that just as the article says it will act as a guide for other countries to also commit to 
reduce and combat climate change together.


It goes back to the inconvenient truth film in my opinion. It would be interesting to see how the United State would have contributed to this goal under Al Gore. It's not even a partisan issue to me because even under the Obama administration we still seem to ignore climate change much more than other countries.

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