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 The global warming or climate change has become an issue but man is refusing to stop the activities that brings about pollution into the atmosphere in a form of carbon dioxide. It’s amazing that the world today still doubt the changes that are going on in the atmosphere after such evidence from An Inconvenience Truth a report by Al Gore in the year 2004. As a group we agree with him because many are the activities that people of this world practise that brings negative impact on the earth. No wonder he used the example of the frog which portray the character of the people of this world that are pretending as if nothing is at stake after this prompting.

As students reading oil, gas and energy management we consider this global warming as an issue that has to be dealt with, knowing that our field of work is one of the most threatening industry to the environment especially the ecosystem. It unethical as long as morality is concern if the economist of today’s world continue to deal with the global warming that is affecting the earth coursing climate change and pollution to the atmosphere as political issue, just because they choose the economic growth of the world by the use of natural resource being more important than the environment no matter how it is operated to bring profit to the nations of this world.

Many tourist attractions in countries have been affected by this global warming as shown in the report. Trees are withering, rivers are drying, Iceland is melting and wildlife is destroyed, River Niger, Iceland, Greenland, Peru, Mexico and the ecosystem all are affected. Sustainable and renewable energy can be the solution when they are installed in the right places and positions as long as geosystems are concern. The intention of this story was to bring to light that we can do something about the global warming causing climate change, if not every living thing will suffer the consequences. The need of healthy environment is important to the people of this world so measures has to be put in place to reduce and with time eliminate the global warming completely. The oil, gas and energy industries being a threat to the environment can raise a special funds from the industry to deal with problems that affect the environment just as the Mexican energy industry as introduced recently and also invest into new technologies that will enable extraction not to become a threat to the worlds ecosystem and the environment. Recently all street light in my area Duston {Northampton} were installed with solar system which course less harm to the atmosphere and reduce cost for the city council because it variable.

Remember as the reporter said “what get us into trouble is not what we do not know” therefore together we can work it out for the world to be a better place to live since we know right from wrong and stop doubting because we possess the power, strength and the knowledge to make things right. Carbon dioxide an enemy to the atmosphere can be reduced or eliminated with time.




Well done Group 2. It is good to see how you link the film to your degree and to personal experience you have in your local area of attempts to reduce emissions.
Please have a look at Kevin's post as it would be interesting to see some reflection on the USA based students views as well. You can always add a comment under their post! :)

I really enjoyed reading this post. I didn’t know much about global warming until I watched that documentary by Al Gore. I had always thought that global warming was just something people complained about but did nothing to change it. Much like you said I think that people in our society will just think a problem will fix itself and do nothing to fix it. But we have the money and resources to make a real change to global warming. Even the smallest thing can help, like the solar panels like you talked about and just being aware of what we pump into out atmosphere. That everything has a cause and effect.

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