An Inconvenient Truth Discussion (Group 3)

by vovkaa on October 20, 2014 - 2:18pm

After having watched An Inconvenient Truth, the American and the UK groups came to a conclusion that the issues raised by Al Gore are highly relevant to the degrees of both courses, and that the discussion would have to be concentrated on the key ideas of the film.

The first part of the discussion was focused on Al Gore’s statement that climate change is “not a political issue so much as a moral issue”. While both groups agreed with Gore’s opinion on human-influenced pollution of the atmosphere being “deeply unethical”, it was concluded that climate change can no longer be defined as an issue of morality, and, since it is directly influencing and sometimes threatening human lives, it is better described as an issue of survival and taking responsibility for past actions.

Another question that was discussed had to do with the possible economic issues that would arise if the world completely switched to renewable sources of energy. Both groups agreed that the transition would have to be gradual and that compromises would have to be made, but the main goal would have to be finding balance between economic profit and sustaining the environment. That brought up the question of what it might take for humanity to start taking faster and more radical decisions in order to improve current environmental situation. While the American group thought that experiencing climate change-related problems on a personal level would help jolt people into action, the UK group supposed that dramatic changes that would affect the whole world would get the point across faster.

Overall, the film was interesting  to both groups, even if it was found slightly outdated –it seems that Al Gore’s main goal in 2005 was to make people acknowledge the existence of climate change, but in less than ten years humanity has not only fully comprehended the magnitude of this issue, but also has started working on fixing it. 

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18 years old, from Riga, Latvia, currently studying Oil, Gas and Energy Management at Coventry University. My career aspirations would be to provide safer, more sustainable energy sources for future generations.