What do you think of abortions?

by SamanthaW on February 23, 2017 - 4:52pm


As everyone around the world knows, there are many different views on a variety of subjects. One of the main subjects, is abortion. Not many people talk about abortions, because of the tension it can cause between people. It is definitely a topic that will get many people talking based on their view, their beliefs, their religion, etc. El Salvador and Canada, have completely opposite views about this particular topic, and here is what I think of what they have to say.


Abortions have been completely legal in Canada since 1988. Before then in 1969, abortions were only permitted when a doctor believed that the unborn child can cause harm to the mother. Once abortion was legalized, some other rules were added on, such as the father in question, is to leave the mother make her own decision. Abortions in Canada are free, and are funded by the Canadian Health Care system. Canada has adopted a way to make women feel empowered with their decisions and their bodies by giving them a choice to make.


Elsewhere in the world, the same rules don’t apply. El Salvador, is one of the most strict countries around the world, when it comes to abortions. As the laws stand right now, women or girls that are caught getting an abortion can be imprisoned up to 8 years. The medical staff that assisted can get up to 12 years of jail time, if caught. There is a new law brewing, that will make it even harder for women to seek for help. They want to set up a 50 year imprisonment for women that get abortions. Miscarriages are seen as homicides.


Just like everything else in life there are some pros and some cons for having an abortion. Some pros to having an abortion are: if a women has been raped, it gives her a chance to regain herself, and not live in fear of the way the child was conceived, gives a chance for a young couple that cannot support a child financially, it gives women power over their bodies, if the child was not planned, he/she can be put up for adoption at birth, which may not be the best either. Some cons about having abortions: terminating a pregnancy, ending the life of a person, an unborn child is considered a human and has a right to live, can cause psychological problems to the women.


All this to say, everyone has different views on this subject. Certain countries just like Canada, are open to letting women choose what is best for them. Other countries, such as El Salvador, not so much. I believe women should have a say in what happens to their bodies. It is extreme to force a woman to keep a child that has been conceived after being raped. Women are shamed for getting pregnant when they are not ready, not men, for getting the girl pregnant. I think women should have the right to choose what is best for them, yes this may seem selfish to say, but would you rather be born into a family that has nothing and no opportunities for you, and feel like a burden to your parents, or not know what that life would be? As a woman, what would you do?  Everyone can lean on one another for support, even if on the other side of the world. These two countries can learn from one another. Learn each other's viewpoints.



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