Three Disciplines to Major In to Help Children

by jasminecl on March 27, 2017 - 8:17am

According to the Missing Children Society of Canada, in 2015, 45,288 children were reported missing. These children represent appoximately 1,17% of the Canadian population, and the majority of them are not found until the next count for the following year. Having been working on the matter of missing children throughout my two past assignments, the issue has gained importance to my eyes, and I feel I wanted to know how I could get involved in the future, and maybe pursue a career into helping missing children or children that have been found and need assistance to re-integrate society after a traumatising experience.


·       Faculty of education at McGill Univeristy

The McGill University in Montreal offers three academic units for graduate and undergraduate students who wish to pursue their carrer in the field of education. The futur teachers can participate in a broad variety of programs which specialized in ‘’applied research projects’’ here in Quebec, in Canada, or even universally. By participating in these projects, the students are better prepared and develop better competences that will serve them when they obtain a classroom job. The competences developped by the students during these research programs are appropriate to the situations some teachers might experience during their careers.

The students who choose to pursue there studies with this program could use their knowledge in Education to develop a sense of observation in the classroom to be able to detect possible triggers that could push a child to runaway, for example. By being attentive to the needs of the students, the teacher could adapt his level of availability for a student and maybe help prevent possible runaways. If a child were to be abducted of kidnapped, for example by a family member, and signs can be pereived before the child goes missing, it would be a teacher’s duty to look into the situation and intervene with the authorities, when necessary. By taking the courses offered in the McGill University program, the futur teachers would be able to be prepared to an array of situations in which children could be in danger and know how to deal with this situation always for the benefit of the child.



·       Gender, Sexuality, Feminism and Social Justice Studies at McGill University

The McGill University in Montreal offers students the possibilty to learn and expand their knowledge about Gender, Sexuality, Feminism and Social Justice by having the possibility to choose between Minor, Major, Honours or Joint Honours studies. This program offers mutidisciplinary education in social justice, which is the fundamental concept for the study of feminism, sexuality and gender. Throught these fields, race, disability and Indigenous studies are covered and seen from different perspectives. Some complementary courses joint with McGill’s Faculty of Arts department are offered to the students in the program.

The students who choose to pursue their studies with this program could use their knowledge in Feminism develop the skills to knwo how to deal with cases that involve young girls. Throughout all the missing children cases in Canada, a large part of these involve girls from different ages who were abducted, kidnapped, runaways, trafficed etc.( When and if found, these girls should be able to open up to someone that will be able to help them overcome this episode in their life and that will have sufficient knowledge about the matter of girls’ rights. The situation in which missing girls are put through could be similar to the situation of an arranged marriage in foreing countries. In the majority of the cases, girls who are married by their parents before hitting puberty are taken away from a normal childhood where they can play with their friends, go to school, learn, be curious, spend time with their families etc. and same goes for missing children. The students studying in this program could be prepared to take care of cases involving missing girls and when they are found, help them regain their lost childhood, by  being followed up by qualified people to deal with their situation.



·       Nursing Faculty at University of Windsor

The University of Windsor in Ontario offers students the possibility to learn valuable and usefull experience for nurses in all areas of the health care system, from private clinics to hospital, passing by industries. This program will provide the appropriate knowledge for students to master theory as well as application. The futur nurses will be able to experience the working environment in a community hospital during their first year of studies and to expand their expertise by using human-ressembling mannequins, as well as perfecting their abilities in the Nursing labs. These practice learning experiences will serve the students in their further nursing career speciality.

The students who choose to pursue their studies in this program could use their knowledge in Nursing to be the ones who take care of the children when they are found. Not only could the student use their skills in nursing to do a health checkup of the child after it has been found, but they could also use their knowledge to lead the child towards different experts to take care of their specific needs to maker re-iintegration easier. The nursing students could be the ones who help the child the most, by analysing the child and deciding what kind of help this newly found child will be offered to fill its needs.




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I am a student at Champlain College Saint-Lambert, in the General Social Sciences program. I live in Boucherville and I am a figure skater.