The Second Wave of Automation

by Demetrios.C.Orton.Hatzis on May 16, 2017 - 10:52pm


The second wave of automation has the capacity to reshape to working world, and for that reason a good amount of fear has circulated about its potential to create a massively unequal society, in terms of income, which would see an even wider gap than currently. This essay examines the reasoning behind the automation backlash in an attempt to uncover a way to change paths, and use the second wave of automation to create a more income equal society. While curing the unemployment epidemic that could follow the second wave of automation remains difficult, by instating a universal basic income and thus insuring that the fall into poverty never happens, society could side-step the worst potential outcome of automation, the hoarding of money and resources by the wealthy, facilitated by a monopoly over the robotic workforce.

About the author

I am a CEGEP (kinda like Quebec's College) student, 4th semester, was born and raised in and around Montreal, am very opinionated and raring to start any kind of ideological back and forth, could probably argue my way out of a metal box, and have at least a few years experience skeptically eyeing