Clean Energy and Academic Disciplines

by anthonydm on March 27, 2017 - 1:45am

The topic of clean energy responds to the issue of non-renewable energy. It is linked to technology, the branch of knowledge used in relation to science and has many academic disciplines, including Informatics, Computer Science and Energy Engineering.


Informatics is, by definition, “the discipline of science that investigates the structure and properties (not specific content) of scientific information, as well as the regularities of scientific information activity, its theory, history, methodology, and organization.” (Beyea, 2009) It is the science of information. This helps to research ways where clean energy can be used, which help to develop clean energy and improve our environment.

Energy Law

Helps to administrate the use and the taxation of energy. It responds to the globalization of regulatory charges. The policies and regulations of energy law help to regulate the use of non-renewable (as well as renewable) energy, which helps to popularise clean energy, since the laws against certain uses of non-renewable energy make green energy a better alternative. Therefore, the discipline makes sure that energy is used appropriately.

Energy Engineering

It is the development of products to use energy in our environment. In the case of clean energy, energy engineering can give us environmental as well as economic aids. This branch of engineering ranges from topics like the monitoring of forests to the improvement of production facilities in order to make them more efficient in energy. This discipline is crucial for the improvement of clean energy and will ultimately reduce our environmental footprint, a significant issue that we must face.