The way same sex marriage changed Canada

by JamesHysteria on February 10, 2017 - 11:32am

In the article “3 Ways Gay Marriage Has Changed Canada” written by Diane Robertson lists the 3 ways that same sex marriage has changed Canada by looking at the parenting, speech and religious freedom aspects.

In the parenting aspect of this article, Diane speaks about how the laws surrounding parenthood and parental rights have immediately changed. She explains how children no longer have the right to their biological parents and how the biological parents don’t have the right to their children because of Bill C-38 which is the Bill that legalized gay marriage in Canada.

In the speech aspect of this article, Diane speaks about how hate speech has become a crime in the year of 2004. She defines hate speech as anyone disagreeing with homosexual behavior. She also talks about if someone had filed a “hate speech” complaint against a person then that person would have to pay a lot of money.

When she talks about the religious freedom she mentions that employers, business owners and all alike whether large, small, in home, or family owned do not have the freedom to deny any service to LGBT for religious reasons.


Hi! First of all, since I have someone in my family that is homosexual, I was really happy to see an article that talks about same sex marriage. It has been really hard for the gay community to be able to express who they really are and it is always fun to read articles that talk about the progress that has been made. I know that my relative has always wanted to get married and she always wanted to have children, and now the law will help her to do so. It is really important to talk about that subject.

Second of all, I think your summary is good and simple for the reader to understand, but you should of commented on the subject, it would have made your article more personal and reliable. If you would of said what is your opinion on this topic and use stories, the article would have been stronger.

I found an article that talks about a couple in Manitoba that was able to get married because same-sex marriage was legalized in Canada. I think you could use their story to make your article stronger by also talking about what couples really think about it. It was written on the CBC news website and it is called ``About 900 LGBT couples tied knot since same-sex marriage legalized in Manitoba''