Palm Oil Harm to Ecosystem

by joshuamb on April 21, 2015 - 11:30pm

The importance of the 15 commodities is that if we just extract them in a non sustainable way then we will be hurting our planet. We only got one planet so we have to keep it safe. One of the 15 commodities is palm oil. 50 million tons of palm oil is produce annually, It supplies 30% of the worlds vegetable oil. Palm oil is harming the environment the way we are extracting it. Do to the way we extract the palm oil we have destroyed 90% of the orangutans habitat in the last 20 years. We will need to stop that conserve the planet and not extinct the orangutans. An estimate of orangutans killed each year is between 1000-5000. That is a lot of orangutans killed by man just so they can make a quick buck. Also the deforestation of the palm oil is contributing significantly to the climate change. In Indonesia one third  of the mammals species are endangered due to the expansion of palm oil. The rainforest in Indonesia need the orangutans feces to grow and keep the ecosystem at equilibrium. If they keep going the way they are getting the palm oil the orangutans have 10 to 15 years left on this earth and the Sumatran tiger have less than 3 years. We have to save the wildlife they keep the earth at equilibrium. The palm oil industry is also know for violations of human rights laws for their workers. We have use sustainable practices of the extraction of palm oil. A way that there is no deforestation and not harming the people either. RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) is a non profit organization that is trying to make this sustainable practice. I believe that it will be reached and we will have a sustainable planet. 


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