Failed states - children, most affected group

by phigueras9 on February 6, 2015 - 6:10am

The situation I want to talk about now is that of those countries who are declared as failed or collapsed and the situation of those groups more affected by that.


Unstable countries, those involved in regional or civil wars, are normally those who cultivate this kind of situation. These countries normally are named failed, failing, imploding or collapsed worst case scenario. These kind of states fulfill certain criteria to be named as such, and these are, among others, blurred or unclear domination - geographic and politically speaking - of the state "Arial Unicode MS","sans-serif"">´s borders; no central government or, if there is one, it doesn "Arial Unicode MS","sans-serif"">´t have legitimate authority over its citizens and territory, and does therefore not provide proper - or any - public services; disrupted army, rather, militia groups led by popular (clan) leaders; high rates of dead and disease; host of terrorist groups, etc.

 In this situation, it is impossible for the population to try and live a normal life. Instead, there are what I would highlight as the two main problems - without of course forgetting about the rest which are obvious - and these are interrelated. First, it is the impossibilitation of kids to go to school and receive proper education, together with the fact that many are convinced and/or forced to go fight on the frontlines.

 Given the first problem, I would say it is the worst and most catastrophical mistake a society can make; to leave their children uneducated. This, despite obvious reasons of mental development of the child that he/she would miss from the very beginning, these societies lose at the very least one entire generation of great-minded kids who won´t be able to finish their scholar period, and therefore won´t be able to enter university either. Consequently, they won´t have any jobs - or in the best case they would have a low-salary job without any money nor opportunity to go abroad and they would therefore be stuck at their home countries without any further possibility to aim for anything else rather than what they already know.

 The attached problem to this one, as I previously mentioned, is that of kids being turned into war weapons. This may have two facets: either religious, or oppression.

 The first one consists in, since the kid is not very cultivated due to the lack of education given in his/her country, radical religious extremists convince these kids to fight in name of their God because in that way he/she will redeem his/her sins. Otherwise he/she won´t access heaven. This I will probably discuss more broadly in another essay, since it´s such a burning issue.

 The other case is that brutal oppression some kids suffer by being told by these fighters that if they don´t do as told or dare to disobey their orders they would kill them. It all starts by telling them to kill maybe someone from their social circle (family, friends), or die themselves instead. Some kids can´t handle it and they prefer to be killed; those who pass the test, become so brutally disrupted that they become an easy target to adoctrinate and use as weapon.

 It is such a terrible issue that of kids fighting, and the worst part is that it still goes on nowadays with some spine-chilling figures. There are of course many NGOs working on it, but still isn't enough.



Failed states are a very interesting and complex subject, and speak about this problem in terms of education of children was a really good idea.
I would just like to come back to this concept and develop it a little more. Failed states (as you said ) can't ensure the key state functions . They can not ensure the security and order ( the government loses the monopoly of power , can't guarantee the safety of society ) , state's institutions are defective , corruption is widespread, government is less legitimate , there is increasing repression by the government , deteriorating infrastructure and services ( including education as you explained, the state can not pay teachers , for example), and economic foundations are defective , which causes chain reactions . Indeed, there is an economic crisis, which causes shortages and therefore redistribution problems, food crisis, forced migrations , and conflicts ... The situation is really complex . Congo , Somalia are examples of failed-States.
Moreover, failed states are a real challenge for the international community. Indeed, there are consequences of such a situation in the neighboring states. Indeed , violence can spread , illegal businesses can grow, mafias , etc. Thus , failed states are a real international issue.

I agree with what you wrote, especially when you wrote that these societies lose at the very least one entire generation of great-minded kids and this means that the future generation won't be able to improve the situation of the country. But we can also think about those who will succeed and get a diplom: there is little chance that they keep living in the Failure State since those kind of State won't pay them enough. Thus, this can lead to the phenomenon called the brain drain, the migration of qualified individuals. Limiting the brain drain has to be a Policy goal.
The picture is not all bleak however and it still exists a youth full of ambition even in these Failure States. In a movie called "Boy Saloum",Audrey Gallet filmed Young people who formed a band and sing for freedom by creating the movement called "Y'en a marre" (I'm fed up). They protested against an oppressive regime. They are the symbol of a new African youth grounded in their own time, open to the outside world, hungry for culture, attached to democracy. Youth is a heap of beginnings, even in failure states.