The Psychological and Sociological Effects of Abuse on Aboriginals: Abstract

by hunter_c on May 4, 2016 - 9:47pm

The issue of aboriginal abuse in Canada and the United States has been an ongoing one for many years now, and it is just recent that it has gotten more attention in the news and in the academic world. Movements such as Idle No More are proof that progress is being shown, but nevertheless, sky-high suicide rates, horrendous sexual abuse stories, and just the general horrible treatment of aboriginals is still not uncommon. The purpose of this paper is to explore some of the psychological and sociological effects that this abuse has had on individuals and communities as a whole using the news and academic journals. The findings using this methodology have proved that academic journals fill in the gaps that the news cannot, and that academic articles provide a deeper insight to the issue than the media does.


I think that this issue about aboriginal abuse in North America is really concerning and that you have a good point there. Maybe you could have a bigger impact on the matter by sending you paper to local papers where this issue touch more people to help raise the awareness. Also, you could take a look at the laws and documents concerning the aboriginals about how different they are treated on paper than the rest of the population. This could maybe give you a new subject to write about.

I am glad that this subject has been brought upon because it is very important and it affects all of Canada. There was always an abuse of aboriginal people in Canada and there are not a lot of thinks that have been done in order to help them. From one of my earlier posts, I argued that there is a very high suicide rate among aboriginal youth and a high intake of drugs and other substances. This has demonstrated that the aboriginal youth is suffering, and as they are suffering the whole community is suffering. I believe that this subject has to be addressed a lot more than it is right now and I think that if you share the founding of your work with some newspapers or some organisations that try to promote this issue, it will be grandly beneficial.

We tend to turn our heads away when it comes to the topic of aboriginal abuse, since many people do not feel that it is important and don’t want to discuss it, thus, I am glad that you decided to talk about this issue to spread awareness. I feel that to further impact more people of this issue, you should link it on your social media such as twitter where more people would be able to see it, or try and contact someone who would be able to publish your full paper in order to reach a larger audience. Overall, great topic that more people need to talk about.

I feel that in Canada either people are not aware of the issues concerning aboriginals or they are and choose to ignore them. It’s a good thing that you decided to shed a light on the issue. I feel like the aboriginals in our country are invisible and not heard. I think an interesting angle to your essay could be to look deeper into how being invisible affects their psychology and sociology. I think it can be interesting, and sad, to know how the victims live and feel knowing that they are not heard. However, this information can be hard to get since the person would have to confess. I think it's still worth looking in to.

I am pleased with the fact that you wrote your term paper on the issue regarding aboriginal abuse, as it has recently been further recognized by Canadians since the issue is constantly being brought up in the media and by the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. I actually volunteered for a non-profit organization that serves to distribute healthy meals along with hygienic products to the homeless in Montreal. When I volunteered for the organization last Sunday, I noticed that most of the homeless people that we distributed food to were aboriginals and I noticed that most of them reacted differently to when we offered to give them a meal. Most of them looked scared and felt intimidated by our presence that they would either run away from us or respond impolitely. Taking there reaction into consideration, I would assume that they reacted in that way because they assume that we will hurt them or act racist in front of them. I felt very bad at the fact that they are homeless but they are also afraid to get help from others, as they are afraid of getting used or hurt. Thus, I would recommend the youth and students like us to gather large committees in which we may roam around the streets of Montreal to meet with aboriginals and comfort as well as provide them with basic necessities without giving them the feeling of fear that they are in danger when we help them out. I believe that young adults like us should gather volunteers who each have a subtle and sweet personality who would be willing to provide comfort and bring a positive vibe to the aboriginals while handing out meals and hygienic necessities for their daily use. The initiation is neither difficult nor expensive if you have a large group of individuals who can put in some time and effort to organize a fundraising event to raise money in order to buy basic items for the aboriginals and distribute it amongst them in Montreal. By providing aboriginals with a positive ambiance to live in, there will not be any abuse anymore and they will feel equally appreciated and accepted in the social convention, as they deserve this respect and appreciation just like everyone else in the world. Overall, your abstract sounds very interesting and I am certain that your final term paper must have covered the issue of aboriginal abuse in every aspect.