Abstract: The Cuban health care system and its qualities: What can Quebec learn?

by vincentrobert on May 2, 2016 - 3:14pm

Vincent  Robert


The Quebec health care system, in recent years, has completely lost his spirit and is seen as a burden by the provincial governments of Quebec as it has many problems that were not dealt with earlier on. The changes brought by the provincial governments of the 1960s during, for example, the Quiet Revolution, are no longer talked about and the spirit of these changes has been completely forgotten by a majority of Quebec citizens. The quality of health is also good, but there are technical problems in the Quebec health care system, such as the waiting time. The Cuban health care system, on the other hand, has been and is still motivated by multiple progressive values and by a collective spirit still felt by a majority of Cubans. Their medical internationalism and the quality of health in Cuba serve as examples of the efficiency of their health care system, which is universal and, thus, can be accessed by all individuals in society. Even if it is technically the same case in Quebec, the government of Quebec and the society it leads have a lot to learn about the spirit and values present in the Cuban health care system. To observe and analyze the achievements of the Cuban health care system in order to learn from them in Quebec, I looked at academic articles that discuss the effects of the socialist ideology on the Cuban health care system and that discuss the motivations and reasons behind the implementation of the progressive aspects of the Cuban health care system. I also looked at what it achieved since the Cuban Revolution of 1959. I found that in order to get inspired by what has been done in Cuba regarding health, we have, as a society, to put the healthcare system as a collective project rather than a burden or a system that we should privatize. Quebec’s collective thought about health has to change, as collectivism has to be put forward instead of individualism. The achievements of the Cuban health care system could also inspire Quebec to go in the same path as we could be able to implement great things also. Problems such as the waiting time and the room capacity could also be resolved if we put health as a real national priority like the Cuban government and get the money from various sources of revenues (such as, for example, illegal fiscal paradises and exploitation of oil). If we continue to analyze the links between the Quebec and Cuban health care systems and what could be improved by letting the Quebec system be inspired by the Cuban one, the Quebec society would benefit a lot. Studies should be made in Quebec regarding the citizens’ opinion on the quality of health and their views on the health care system, and how they see and how much they know about the Cuban healthcare system. This can also serve as an example of New Power, since a change would be motivated by the will of the people and not a small elite of politicians and businessmen who, most often, want to partially privatize the health care system. 


I think your work is very interesting and your research are very effective to prove your point. It is very intriguing to know about the other systems in the others countries and how they are different from ours. I did several articles on multiculturalism and in relates in terms of how we can learn from others cultures. It is very interesting to know how different people are.
In order to make further impact in the area you worked in, you could have written about precisely why are our systems so different. Do you think that one is better from the other?

Very interesting subject with nice contrastes between two different countries. I am a user of the public health care system, and I have to agree on the problems with waiting time and etc. You are right we have to do a collective movement, but since there is a good part of Quebec population also using private health systems, we are not able to have a total collective movement. People don't even bother using the public system anymore because of the waiting time. Documenting the situation maybe useful. Have people witness on the services in both country. Good job on the research!