Business Canvas Model - Concussions are Serious - By: Olaberge

by fishlowz on May 1, 2014 - 5:49pm


Business Model Canvas: SMART HELMET


Key Partners:


Sleep Number INC

- Memory Foam

- Montior system(s)



- Plastic for outer layer


Mexia Tech

- Spider silk


For our key partners we will license the technology for their montirong systems, which they use to track sleep patterns and how often one wakes up in the middle of the night. This would be slightly altered to fit our use of monitoring how hard a player is being hit.  As for as getting our business off the ground, we will use crowd source funding and some from private equity firms. We will hire an advertising agency to cover as much territory as possible after first launch date.


Cost Structure:


Memory Foam

Monitoring System

Spider Silk

Poly-carbonated Plastic


As far as manufacturing the actually product, we will build a plant and lease the machinary necessary to produce the product. We will lease because it is more cost efficient. Delivery will be done via contract with Penske trucking service. Six Sigma processes will be put in place in order to control cost as well.


Key Activities:


- Production of poly-carbonated plastic.

- Collection of goat milk from overseas for spider silk.

- Research exactly how we will implement monitoring system to final product.

- Take part in fund raising events to raise awareness of Athlete’s mental health and the severity of protecting them in certain sports.


Key Resources:


- Labor force; we will hire those who have experience in manufacturing and skills to use the machinary necessary to product the helmet.


- Data; we will compile data from reliable sources i.e Sports mags, Sports media and collect data on our own to ensure effectivness and efficiency of product.


- Investors


- Lawyers; to protect our intellectual property right if any and gain approval of our product by any government entity that may need to approve it.



Value Propostion:


- Performance; offer better protection to Athlete’s brain than what is currently available.


- Risk reduction; reduce the risk of concussions that athletes sustain throughout while playing sports.



Customer Relationships:


- Online website

- Fitting Kiosk

- Call center to report any malfuctions with product.




Accounts with the following:


- FedEx Ground

- FedEx Express


From manufacturing plant PENSKE will deliver to Distribution Center, which will then hit stores. The accounts are for those who are returning/ replacing product.


Customer Segments:

- Private/ Public schools






As far as the leagues are concerned, we will cut deals with certain teams first, the same way Nike entered the NCAA. This will also be readily available to parents for the childern in the Private/Public sector.



Revenue Streams:


We will make money via contracts with certain teams in different leauges at first. This would be the best way to gain entry at first. We will also pay for floor space in brand name sporting goods store i.e. Dick’s Sporting Goods.




I really like this business plan because it relates to me because I play for Football. However, a lot of companies are coming out with helmets to prevents concussions, therefore it’s a very competitive market. In Football, Schutt is leading the company in Football to make helmets that protect against concussions. However, what companies are not making his memory foam skull caps. A skull cap is a little sports bandanna that people wear to get sweat out of their face. If you could make one with memory foam, so you could study to the direct impact that an athlete’s head would be something unique and could get a lot of attention. Instead of doing tests on the helmet, you could test the skull cap to see how much impact the helmet absorbs and how much impact does the athlete receive.

Very good business plan, I think opening a business in the market of sleeping monitor. It is a sector of the technology that have not been push in depth by any major corporation, therefore I you are able to convince the costumer that he needs that monitor your business's wealth will fluctuate quickly. I would add to your business plan that you should offer an option on the monitor when people have bad sleeping cycles or many nightmare for example, offer them different possibilities they can try to fix their sleeping issues. I recently read a chapter of a book called "How to change the world for social entrepreneur and the power of new ideas", the author mentions several times how good social entrepreneurs have to sleep well to deal with all the social problems during the day. In addition, the fact that you have considered the business values and costumers relationship, which is a basic element to doing well in the market. The fact that your entreprise will be based a lot on the internet gives a lot more accessibility to you're product, therefore more people will be able to see what you have to offer and from where ever.

I believe that your business plan is very complete. Your have a great idea because more and more we hear stories about concussion in sports and how the players need something to protect them well. Therefore, I believe your product will be well received in the leagues in order for them to protect their players. Also, I believe that raising awareness is a good way to deal with the issue and it is great that you included it in your business plan. However, I am not sure to understand how will the memory foam help you achieve your goal? A short description of its use would have helped me grasped the problem even more.

This business model is clearly written and seems to be very well thought out. In regards to the idea, I have to admit that it does provide an answer to a very serious issue -- head injuries in sports. With that said, though the technology you propose to use in your helmet does seem quite well devised, my one concern would be about the spider silk. Now, I’m not doubting it’s strength, as I have also read on how resistant of a fibre spider silk can be, but I was just wondering if you had taken into consideration the issues that go into mass producing something that is, at the moment, still in early development stage. In other words, though I know that this is perhaps too involved of a question (considering that your post is only a proposal), I still find that mass producing spider silk for you helmets would be a very pricey bet.

The following link provides information on the future of large-scale synthetic spider silk production: