Write A Book Review

by Amélie Gagné on March 24, 2017 - 2:44pm

There are countless ways to write a book review, and most reviewers have their own format. But, to work with this magazine, it is essential to use a specific structure. Customers love the way the book reviews are made each day in the magazine, which is why we are asking for this particular format. First of all, an introduction needs to be done. Next, in the first paragraph of the review the magazine asks for a description paragraph. Then, the opinion part can begin for the next part. Afterwards, the review is about the writing style of the author and then, it ends with a conclusion. Those are the five steps it takes to do a review for «Chic Mag».


Before starting a book review, the journalist needs to be prepared. Prior to the reading, the reviewer must look at the cover of the book and try to guess what it will be about, he also needs to search for some information on the author: previous book (if it applies),the meaning of this work, because it will be important in the review. During the reading. It is important to take as many notes as you can.


Step 1: The Introduction

The first step, is to start the review right after the reading because the ideas and the feelings are still fresh. In the introduction, «Chic Mag» wants to see: the title of the book that is the subject of the review, most relevant information about the author (that is where part of your preparation will be useful) and then give to the readers a small amount of information  about the review, but not too much so they carry on reading.


Step 2: Description Paragraph

The second step, is to write about the description of the book. Give a neutral portrayal of the characters and what goal they need to achieve. Write down a synopsis of the story, without including any spoilers. For the first paragraph, also include some information about the genre of the book, why it was in this type of story. If it is fiction, tell the public why the book is known as a fiction.


Step 3: The Opinion Paragraph

The third step, is where the journalist can finally express his opinion about the book, That part needs to include why the book was pleasant or why it was not. Add some examples of why the review is positive or why it is a bad review, put some quotes, specific words in a book, some segments that made the reading boring. But remember again, do not, in any circumstances, reveal spoilers.


Step 4: Writing Style

The fourth step, is about the last paragraph before the conclusion. It have to be on the writing style of the author. Write about the number of pages, because it may affect the choice of e reader, some of them prefer short books, so it is important to have this information. Also, include the number of chapters, if it is written with small characters or bigger ones. Additionally, write if there are mistakes or, on the contrary, good spelling, what stand out about the writing style. And las, but not least, tell if the book is an original story, if it adds something new to a genre or if it is a retelling of original books.


Step 5: The Conclusion

For the fifth step, write a conclusion. Summarize the review tell again if you did like the book. Tell if the book would be recommendable and to whom it would be. The conclusion can also include comparisons with other books from the genre of the same author.


In conclusion, to be published in «Chic Mag», a review must have the five steps explained above: an introduction, a description paragraph, the opinion, comments on the writing of the author and a conclusion. But remember while writing, the review is about the book read, not the book you wished you read. 


Your text is clear and simple to understand. It would have still be interesting if you gave more information about the ''Chic Mag". But, your paragraphs are well divided and it helps to read with ease.

Hey Amelie! You provided a good effort but there are some things which, I think, can be improved. Maybe you should define some technical terms that some non-experts would not instantly understand. .I think the strongest quality of your text is the passion you have for the subject that we can read between the lines which is great to provide a sense of belonging to the readers. Therefore, I think some examples would have made your text even more successful and understandable. Overall, great work.

You have done a great job, the steps are clear and the text is easy to understand for a non-expert. However, saying that before starting the review, the journalist must be prepared is maybe a little bit to obvious. The advice at the end is really relevant.