How to Report a Case of Abuse to the D.Y.P

by gabou.bergeron on March 22, 2017 - 3:54pm

As a Special Needs counselors that are working with young children, it is needed to know how to report a case of abuse if they ever encounter one. Reporting can be a difficult process because of simply being uninformed on the subject. In the context of their job, they can ask themselves many questions about what they should report and about the obligation of reporting that comes with their job. They also may not know how to build a case and how to report it to the Director of Youth Protection.

First, it is important to define terms before reporting. Neglect, abandon, physical abuse, sexual abuse and psychological abuse are terms that a Special Needs counselor working with children has to know how to use properly. To neglect a child is to not respond to his\her basic needs, special needs and not to supervise the child correctly. To abandon a child is if his\her parents die or if no one is taking care of the child. To physically abuse a child is o hit them, forcing them to do something by injuring the child or to hurting the child in any way. To sexually abuse a child is not only having sexual intercourse with the child, it is also when the person uses force so that the child would perform sexual acts on them or to perform said acts on the child. Finally, to psychologically abuse a child is to insult him\her using words that the person knows will have an impact on the child’s self-worth and to bring that self-worth as low as possible in many cases.

Secondly, there are a few questions that a Special Needs counselor may ask themselves when considering reporting a case of abuse. “Am I obliged to report?” The law is very clear on the fact that anyone considering the child to be in danger has to report it to the Director of Youth Protection. “Do I have to help a child who asks for it?” Yes! It is an obligation to help a child who asks for help to call the D.Y.P. “When is a child considered to be in danger?” A child is considered to be in danger if it is suffering from abandon, neglect, sexual, physical and\or psychological abuse.

Thirdly, there are only two steps to report a case to the D.Y.P. before reporting, the person needs to build a case, they need to take notes of everything they think is a sign of danger for the child, in this step, detail is key. And every piece of information needs to stay private. The second step is to actually call the D.Y.P. the person calling needs to give them all the information they have accumulated. The D.Y.P will then process the case and make the appropriate interventions.

Finally, all that a professional needs to remember when they report a case of abuse is that there are only two steps to the process and that it could change a child’s life for the better.


Well done! I think that your text clarifies what is a report to the D.Y.P. It is clear and concise. However, I saw some keyboards typos. I also think that, in the introduction, it would have been important to explain that the society in general can also report a child. Overall, I really liked the article and the fact that it tells how important it is to build a case before calling the D.Y.P.

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