How to Prepare a Press Conference

by Jayana on March 22, 2017 - 3:51pm



Companies, artists…every organisation sometimes needs to gain a little bit more visibility to express news or to announce an event. And to be well considered by the media, organising a press conference is a good idea. But how to prepare a successful press conference? The place and the time should be well chosen and the information well-transmitted.


What is a Press Conference?

First, it is very important to understand what is a press conference. According to the website : “A press conference is a voluntary presentation of information to the media”. It is a good opportunity to see the story on media, because the guests are important person such as reporters.


Example for this Text

If the example of a music band that wants to announce the release of a new album is taken, the procedure for handling the situation can be outlined in four big steps: defining the goals, finding the place, choosing the speakers and, finally, taking care of the reporters.


Step 1: Defining the Goals

To realize a better preparation of the news conference, it is very important to be clear about the goals. There are a lot of good reasons to organize a press conference such as:

-To gain more visibility

-To announce a new product/event

-To send a message to the population

-And more.

After that the goals are defined, it is extremely important to keep in mind that the journalist will be there to hear something newsworthy to put in their article.


Step 2: Finding the Place

To choose well the place for the press conference, it is important to think about the materials needed, the specific circumstances and the temperature. An outside news conference can be done, but the chosen day has to be a sunny day; not too hot, not too cold. The well-being of the guests is really important to keep in mind.


Step 3: Choosing the Speakers

A speaker is a person who talks about the announcement during the press conference (see image 1). He is important because his role is to add a personal aspect to the event, to express a personal statement and to respond to the questions. In the example of a music band, the musicians or the fans of the group could be good choices of speakers.


Step 4: Taking Care of the Reporters

During the preparation and during the news conference, the reporters have to be the focus of the concerns. They must receive a professional invitation, a press release and they need to have in their hands extra information (printed format) that they could use in their article.


In conclusion, organising a press conference is not too hard. With a good organisation, an appropriate team of speakers and a particular attention to the guests, all the steps can be done really easily.











Jayana, I am wowed by this article. The structure is very strong and it explained greatly the do's and don'ts of a press conference! However, I would have like to see other examples than a music band. Still, this was very interesting and constructive! Keep up on the good work!

Great article. The text is well structured. It is very easy for me to understand. However, you should right about what comes after the press conference. Do we need to right a resume ? Maybe, the addition of a new paragraph will enrich your text. Overall, a great work. I am very happy to know more about this subject and the world of artists.

Kansa Africain American Affairs as a reference site?

Your text is very concise and I feel like I am ready to organise a press conference after reading it. The add of subtitles is relevant because the text looks airy and easily understandable for the reader. However, it would have been a good idea to write a paragraph about the things to avoid when organising a press conference.

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For the last four years, she has been playing with a band called Vice E Roi and she has been a volunteer in festivals such as “Tam Tam Macadam” and “La Flash Fête”. As a band member, she has learned how the festival organization works.