How to make Clothing?

by alexisbeau17 on March 22, 2017 - 3:57pm

In 2017, fashion is considered as an art by many people. During the 20th century, the emergence of high fashion, the invention of trends and celebrities influence have helped the world of fashion to become more important during the last decades. That means fashion designers are artists because making clothes requires a lot of imagination and dexterity. The art of designing clothes is really important to become a good and revolutionary fashion designer. It is a hard process that includes various steps from sketching to sewing

Before starting cutting or drawing, it is very important to own a few objects such as some fabric, patterns, a pair of scissors, a few needles, a lot of thread, a sewing machine and a large working table. Without any of these objects, it might be difficult to create some clothing. When all the material is there, it is time to start designing.

Step 1: Finding Inspiration

It may seem hard to find inspiration, but it is actually easy. If there is a white page syndrome in the air, it is simple and easy to find some ideas by reading magazines or simply knowing the latest trends of the moment. Then, it is time to transmit the inspiration on paper and sketch as many clothes as possible to have the best result possible.

Step 2: Realizing Patterns

In the fashion industry, a pattern describes a piece of paper or cardboard used to cut precisely the right amount of fabric that will be necessary to design a particular piece of clothing. The measurements must be very precise to avoid wasting.

Step 3: Cutting Fabric

Using a pair of scissors, place the pattern over the fabric and cut it by following the pattern. The final piece will have the exact same size as the pattern. Repeat the same action of every piece that needs to be cut.

Step 4: Sewing the fabric together

Sewing is probably the most difficult task to realize. If you have the skills to use a sewing machine, this step will take less time than using the traditional way with needles, thread and your hands. In both cases, the sewing must be on the interior part of the clothes or it will not be beautiful aesthetically.

Step 5: Applying Finishing Touches

When all the parts are sewn one to another it is strongly recommended to iron the piece of clothing to remove wrinkles. If necessary, buttons or zippers may be added, but do not forget to hen the edges on the inside to have a good finished product.

In conclusion, designing clothes may seem a complicated task, but with practice, some beautiful collections can be created and they will stand out for their originality. With some creative ideas, a lot of patience and great sewing skills, everything will be achieved to become the next Christian Dior of the century. 


I agree with you when you say that fashion designers are artists, because it's their job to create clothes that will represent people's taste everyday of their life and it's important to be able to wear something that represent ourselves!

You seem to have a rich vocabulary! Your text is really interesting, but I think, as a beginner, that I would have difficulty to create clothes even after I have read this text, but it's normal because the subject is a project that is made by hand. Instead, I like your tone!

Your text is very interesting and easy to understand for someone who do not know a lot about this subject. However, I think that your introduction should be more specific with the steps of the process, it will help us to understand at the beginning. Overall, your structure is well done and it is easy to read your text for this reason!

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