How to become a flight attendant

by Lorie96 on March 22, 2017 - 4:23pm

How to become a flight attendant

Being a flight attendant is a very beautiful profession but many people have prejudices against it, they think that everybody can do the job. In fact, the air hostess have to go through a very long and selective training process. The companies are always looking for a specific kind of person. To obtain the job, there are 3 main aspects. That person needs some basics resources and knowledge, a lot of tests and a long training.

The first step for the applicant sending his candidature is to make sure he respond the basic requirements. The applicant must be eighteen or older, possess a valid passport, hold a high school diploma and have at least a year of experience in costumer services. The postulant must be bilingual and speak another language is a significant asset.

The second step is the series of tests. The first one is about your speaking abilities. The second is about your medical situation. The candidate must be in good health and stronger than average because the lives of thousands of people will be on your responsibility. Flight attendants sometimes needs to assist them, carry their luggage… This test includes your appearance and your weight. There are no specific weight conditions, the person only have to fit in the aisle of the airplane. The last one is about the abilities. The applicant must be very attentive, diplomatic, have good communication skills, appreciate to travel and the most important, be very independent!

                The last step is the long training. Once all the tests are done, the applicant can start it. He first go through 6 to 8 intensive weeks for learning all about his future tasks such as operating the emergency equipment, evacuating the aircraft, administrating first aid and learning specific instruction on flight regulation. When this is complete, the future flight attendant can experience what the job really is.


I am glad to read this text, because I did not knew the process to become a flight attendant. All I have to say to improve your text is that I do not see any conclusion. It would be great to finish this interesting text with a question or a tip.

I really like your choice of subject. I have a friend in Montreal that is actually becoming a flight attendant and according to him, it's a really tough process. However, I would make a few more steps to the process. Then, you will have the opportunity to give more facts and details.

Hi Lorie,

To begin, I very liked your article, flight attendant is a job I alway found interesting. With your text we can understand that it is a hard process. However, I cannot find a conclusion in your text it might improve its quality if we had a proper ending. Overall, it is interesting, the process is very well described keep up the good work !

Your subject is very catchy and allow the reader to demystify the profession of flight attendant, which is a very good thing. Also, the use of modals creates a great structure to your text, it makes it easier to follow and to understand. A conclusion would have ended your text beautifully, but it is still very interesting.