Robotics and the Internet

by jthompson1864 on October 13, 2013 - 4:49pm

In what ways is the development of robotics technology analogous to the development of American culture? What does our development and use of robotics say about our cultural development? What are the advantages and perils of the combined technologies of robotics and the internet?


Perhaps the most perceived analogy is in the military with the development of new instruments of defense and engagement like the flying drones. Other perceived analogy is in the tasks done by employees in commercial warehouses and storages. These and many other examples are manifestations of robotics technology as cultural development in American society that requires training and good decision making skills, just like drivers in their automobiles. We cannot expect robotics technology solve all our concerns in life and work, but its use help us to perform the task that can be difficult, or hazardous, or impossible without it. In the case of internet, it satisfies and stimulates our interest of search information and keeps one another in touch, but there also the concern of being dependent of new ways to distract ourselves from our own duties.

The development of robotics technology is analogous to the development of American Culture in which robots can receive electronic transmissions. A net worked robot can communicate remotely with humans and also with other machines. With the increase and advancement of American culture comes the increase of robotic technology. New advanced robotic technology is being created with the course of change of American culture. At this day in age we are into the latest technology such as cell phones game consoles, tablets, ipads. With each passing year there is a new need for a better faster stronger robotic device. The use of robotics in our cultural development shows that we are heavily relying on these devices to think for us to work for us. The simplest task such as dialing a number now can be achieved through voice calling. A text message that was the latest advancement is now something of the norm now we can use our voices to send a text message instead of typing the message on our key pad. The advantages of combining robotics with the internet are it makes it easier and faster for us to save and retain information for long periods of time. Combining robotics and the internet puts a world of information immediately at our fingertips. The perils of combined technology and robotics are robotics contributes to human rights abuse. A robot is susceptible to having information stolen off its hard drive. Its design may lend itself to being hacked. Robotic technology is capable of receiving update orders from its manufacturers where its security could be compromised by an outside entity such as a hacker.

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