Which company win??

by Emilie16 on February 8, 2013 - 3:29pm

I think that ethical business means that the business has to be fair with employees and customers. In the business world, we face a lot of bad situations, but the business have to stay ethical.

Firstly, the business has to be fair with its employees regarding working conditions,  respecting of themselves, the salary and the job that they are doing. An employee will be proud to work for a company that is encouraging and congratulating him and that will make a difference between a big business and a bad business. To be ethical, it’s to respect the rules that have been created for the employees and to protect them. The employees will share the good image and work of the company and that will help for its success.

Also, it’s important for an ethical business to stay equal and respectful with its customers. A business would lose a lot of important customers if its politics there non-ethical. It’s sure that a company has to put a lot of energy to be ethical, to create a loyalty and a good brand image with its customers.

I think that an ethical business will win over of an unethical business.


This article is about a ‘’guide’’ to be a good leader and to stay ethical. It talks about the big principles to respect, like to always tell the truth to your employees and customers, to know your product, to not exploit, to assume your mistake and to take care of the people around you. The key is to be fair, equal and respectful. The link:



oh yeah. This is soooo TRUE.

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