Mcdonald ethical ?

by Goss on March 29, 2013 - 4:22pm


Nicolas Gosselin 1030

McDonalds is a company who serve hamburger all around the world. It begun when in 1954, Ray Kroc decide to invest all his money to become the lone distributor of the ‘’Multimixer’’. It comes to his ears that a small restaurant in California use 8 of his multimixer at the same time. He then went to the restaurant to investigate. The rapidity of the service and the principle of a production chain impress him. He decides to do business with the two owner of the restaurant, the McDonalds Brothers. He opened the first McDonalds restaurant in 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois. Ray Kroc bought the name and became the lone owner of the company. Ten years after, the company counted 700 restaurants in the United States. ‘’ We offer opportunity, nurture talent, develop leaders and reward achievement.  We believe that a diverse, well-trained team working together in a highly engaging, respectful environment is essential to our continued success. ‘’ This is the vision of McDonald in regard of their employee. McDonald always treated their employee with respect and the customers as well.


Why this company is considered ethical? As seen in the previous paragraph, this company treated with respect their customers and their employees. But wait, there’s more. McDonald wanted to give more to the community which help it to grow to become the multinational it is today. They Open the ‘’Ronald McDonalds house charities’’ to help the sick children and their parents around the world. Many people have criticized McDonalds because they didn’t serve healthy food. It is true, but McDonalds only answered to the demand that we asked. They also tried to make healthy food. They now got tasty salads and healthy food on brown bread. But from a former manager of McDonalds, I can assure you that even with healthy choice; the customers still take the junk food. McDonald’s only wanted to give back our investment in the community by helping sick children around the country. This is why McDonalds is an ethical business. They give us what we want, they respect their employees and the customers and they are helping sick children around the world.


I think you're wrong. Yes McDonalds is a big chain of restaurant if we can call it like that, we all agree it''s a fast food. You tell us that their fondation help he kids but in another way they don't help by given them junk food, it's not good for their healt. And from my point of view, I don't know guys if you ever been in a McDonalds and saw a superior treated his employee like he was a dog, always yelled at him, but for my part I've seen this more than once. Like the link to the article tells us, subway actually overtook McDonalds in 2011 as the fast food chain with the most location. From this fact we can tell and see that since two or three years people are trying to eat better. Yes it's still fast food, but we can all be agree that Subway is ten times better for the health than McDonalds.And the productivity has now overcome the customers satisfaction now. It's based on the rapidity and not on the quality. For example, if you ask an extra lettuce in your burger and you have the same portion than usually and you come back at the cash saying can I have another one ? They're not going to have a big smile on their face saying ''Yess! no problem!'' They're going to be piss off.

I don’t agree that McDonalds has a great customer service and a well-trained team because most of the time the food is made really quickly and it is a real mess. Also, you should take a look at the ingredients and the calories of their “healthy food.” Their salads or even their wraps could be considered healthy for them but are actually really fat and have a lot of calories in them. McDonalds fast service is not what is used to be. The thing that bothers me is that people keep arguing on the fact that McDonalds is ethical or not but if people are offended about the food McDonalds serve they should not eat it. I agree with you on this one, serving junk food does not mean they are not ethical. They are doing nothing wrong. They are actually giving what people are asking for, which is tasty food that is ready within minutes. They also do a lot for communities in the world. Have you ever noticed there are always boxes in front of cashiers so people can put money to help kids in need? They also run great activities for athletes such as the McDonalds all American games and they are always finding ways to give back to its community.