Ethical Business Rules We Wish to Have vs. What We Can Really Do

by Nicolannes on February 8, 2013 - 3:33pm

     Things we should not do in business are, for me, not very simple. I think that you have to think about FEELINGS. When somebody’s doing something to you, how do you feel? If you feel bad about a situation, you should not do it to another, which must be your ethical thinking. In a field like business, it’s very important but one of the first difficulties you’ll probably face is that you can’t do always what you want. For example, for me, the environment is really important and I think that we should do everything possible to protect it but, the fact is that you can’t present a project without using papers or using your car because you have to go where customers are.  Same thing for distribution…  For me, ethical business is four words: RESPECT, ENVIRONMENT, QUALITY and FUN. Fun: another thing really important in a company. If everyone is frustrated, it won't done a good work and I think that respect come with fun.

For sure, I can do little things to help my points. The question is: can we really take every business decisions in that ways, in our ethical business rules?


When you’re working, you have to maintain a balance between sensibility and integrity. You should understand your employees and work with them to have a good result. Everyone in a company has a social responsibility and has to do his or her part. The environment is important and a company has to respect it for itself but for their partners and customers too. It’s important to be FAIR.

This is an article about kind of ethical business rules which could fit to mine:



I agree with you that environment is very important, in our society we must take decision to protect our planet. The problem is the mentality, most of people, prefer make a lot of money instead of protecting the environment. People should understand that when you make an effort for the planet and take your responsabilities, it's not only for the planet, it's for your costumors, your employees, your family, friends and also for you.

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