Ethical Business and the environment

by Aaricia on February 8, 2013 - 3:55pm

Ethical business for me is to respect the environment. I think that we have to protect the environment.  The climatic changes are in link with us. We are consuming more and more and it affects the world around us. Larges businesses think only about the profit and forget that they are reducing our life expectancy of future generations. I respect a lot the companies who are protecting the environment. They have a lot to gain by helping the environment. Now, the population is more concerned by the repercussions on environment. Then consumers will respect the company more that is producing products in function with nature. Danon is a big company in food processing and is always trying to help the environment. I only buy their yogurts!! These days, protecting environment is very important for companies. Consumers will see the company as an ethical business.

 Business could be help problems in environment. There is a global warning and it important to change our actions.   More businesses are taking actions to combat climate change. There are a lot of reasons like image of business.That for a lot of companies, in the long term, could save their money. But many shareholders want to see the positive in the short term.


Virginie Allard CEM Group 1030

I choose to comment on this post because the tittle was attractive. Environment is very important for me. I agree with Aaricia's opinion. I think that we have to protect the environment for the futur. I also think that compagnies should be carefull about environment because it is very important and it can help to improve profit. These days, people love to buy in an environment company. That's why I agree with this post. Everything Aarica says it's true.


Your post is good because it is straight forward and to the point. It address the issue, explains it, and then your opinion is given. I believe that these big companies must do what will bring the most happiness to the largest amount of people. In the long run, harming the environment will bring pain to the planet so I take a utilitarian point of view and believe that making companies environmentally friendly would be the best decision because it will bring happiness to everyone long term.

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