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In 1957 in the US, the Dove brand was created with the Dove’s Beauty Bar based on moisturisation. Today, Dove is more than a soap bar, Dove represents a huge range of products that improve the condition of skin, hair, body, etc. The brand believes that when you look good and feel good about yourself than the result of proper care is beauty.  The mission of the company is giving every woman a good experience of care to make her happier every day. Real women are the brand’s true inspiration.

For me, Dove inspiring me in a way that not many companies do,  i’m a woman and I believe in true beauty, that’s why I choose this brand. Nowadays, women are still facing a problem of self-esteem. In a world that woman have always to be perfect and carry about their look because of the social thought, Dove’s social mission is to help girls to get a positive relationship with beauty. They don’t provide on what you should like, but on what woman need to reach her full potential to get confidence in her own beauty. Over 8,5 million woman have received help from Dove Self Esteem Programme in 26 countries. For me this is  a real example of an ethical business.

Brand in action:

Social mission :

The Dove campaign for real beauty :


I like the way you started your article by giving information about the Dove brand and explaining their objectives as a company. I agree with you with the idea that Dove is known as being helpful with woman having self-esteem problem. I have heard about it before but I did not know that their program to help woman to get confidence was available in 26 countries.  Here is a Montreal Gazette article that might interest you:

It describes how many girls still have low self-esteem. Most of them are teenagers since they are pressured to look good, smart and be perfect girls. In my opinion, we should have more programs or companies such as Dove that help women to accept their selves the way they are. 

I am really glad that companies like Dove still exist in this society of perfection. What some girls compare themself to is fake. There are hours of photshoping and make up. Also, models are paid to be this way, you can't just start to live like them it would be impossible. Some woman's self esteem is so low and it is so sad, because every woman is beautiful and should feel that way. I was talking about photoshoping so here is a quick video that you probably already have watched. Hope you enjoy it.

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