Being green with Honda

by mpriscille92 on March 6, 2013 - 9:16pm

 Claude Marie Yapo
Group 1030 

Founded in 1948 by Soichiro Honda, Honda Motor Inc. is one of the most important car makers in the world. Thanks to it philanthropy and it ethical business, the company apart from its competitors. In fact, the article that I choose, talked about the new website of the North-American’s Honda subsidiary had been launched. This new website aims to show the various efforts that made the company for the community and its customers through four principal pillars: environment, diversity, community and education.

Let’s get talk about Honda’s ethical business. Concerned with the satisfaction of its customers and the environment too, Honda had always used new technologies to make its cars especially to reduce it environmental impact. The solar-cell project for example, will permit to reduce energy loads and CO2 emissions by approximately 64 metrics tons annually. Furthermore, the company recycled by 90% all of its materials for all its vehicles. Like its mission announced ``Realizing “the Joy and Freedom of Mobility” and “a Sustainable Society where People Can Enjoy Life”, Honda aims to make a better world for its customers. For all these reasons, Honda represents a good example of ethical business.


I’m surprised that Honda Company is an ethical business. I always thought Honda don’t respect their engagement about environment. Normally, big company have some difficulty to reduce their product pollution because the only thing that it wants is sale! Each year this company « brand-storm » about what they can do to regroup new consumers as much as possible with new ideas, new project, new concept, they upgrade their class of cars. They make their cars more attractive with leather seats, reverse camera, sunroof and more airbags to increase the security. But, I think there is better ethical business to comment about it.

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