A worldwide commitment for global warming

by 018 chiho on June 22, 2014 - 12:30pm

The atmosphere, such as nitrogen and oxygen surround the earth’s surface. The sun beam reach to the earth, and bound to space. A sudden change of the bounce’s temperature is relieved by the atmosphere. There is little carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it’s 0.03 percent, but it has important role. The carbon dioxide absorbs heat that was emission from the surface of the earth, and radiations to the surface of the earth again. This action keep the average of temperature stands at 14℃. It’s is called “greenhouse gas”. The greenhouse effects to global warming are 60 percent on carbon dioxide, 20 percent methane, 6 percent on nitrogen monoxide, 14 percent on fluorocarbon and halon and so on. Therefore carbon dioxide is big reason for global warming. In the middle eighteen hundreds, human started to use a lot of coal and oil attendant on industrial development. In addiction the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increased by about 35 percent from two hundred years ago. If people don’t stop to use a lot of coal and oil attendant, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would double in the late twenty one hundreds. Therefore the average of temperature stands will go up. Greenhouse gas has carbon dioxide, methane, flon, and so on. Artificial chemical things such as flon has powerful the greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide in particular. A fey amount influences the greenhouse effect. The causes of global warming are carbon dioxide, flon and so on, people should stop use a lot of coal and oil. Today, the average temperature is 14℃ or thereabouts, but the average temperature is 19℃ below zero or thereabouts if there isn’t greenhouse gas such as vapor, carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere. Because the atmosphere such as greenhouse gas cannot absorb heat from the surface of the earth. However, greenhouse gas such as vapor, carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere increase and the atmosphere such as greenhouse gas absorb a lot of heat in recent years. Global average temperature went up 0.85℃ from the year 1880. A rise of global average temperature has increased in number for the past ten years considerably. 1998’s global average temperature is the highest year of all others. Recent global warming was account for human. If a concentration of greenhouse gas keeps to increase, a temperature would keep to increase from now on. If any, people can reduce greenhouse gas, global average temperature went up 4.8℃ even if the best happens. It’s not easy to have realization of the danger. However a few rise of the average of temperature stands affect a lot of things. If global worming advance, Japanese would not be able to get delicious rice that we have eaten. The naturally affects catch. Pacific saury and mackerel will keep to increase, but turban top shell and salmon will keep to decrease. In addiction dengue fever will spread in the south Japan, people will be able to see vermin in the north Japan, heat island phenomenon will march up in the city, the beach will decrease at coastline, a number of the dangerous place to tsunami and tidal wave will increase, and so on. Today, sea level goes up and a lot of islands sink in the sea by little and little, especially, Bangladesh such as Marshall Islands has a lot of damage. Global warming accounts for extraordinary weather and a water circulation. Therefore, some areas has been affected by flooding, on the other hand, some areas has been affected by drought. It’s affect world’s crop and international market. Japan will have a problem because depend on a lot of imports. In the 20 century, sea level went up 19 centimeter. The sea level will went up 82 centimeter until the year 2100 because a temperature of salt water rises and glacier melts. Almost Japanese discharge of greenhouse gas was caused industrial waste. Above of all things, we will need to take preventive measures against energy saving and energy change of industry because a discharge of carbon dioxide subject to demand for energy. Japanese government promote to introduction of economical incentive to national energy. On the other hands, we need to change our life style to stop global worming because each nation support Japanese economy. We should stop wasting, cherish something, try to reuse and recycling, try to save on electricity, using cars change to using public institution such as train and so on. Continual efforts are a prerequisite to success. Many a little makes a mickle. In my opinion, this is so serious problem for Japan and other country. Therefore we need so stop global warming, but we don’t understand the danger and influence. I think, each people switch a sensible approach to the problem all over the world.


I understand from your post that you are very concern about global warning and all the bad consequences that will come because of it. I agree with you that we all should contribute and do our part to stop global warning for the good of our planet.

I think the global warming is a very bad problem for the earth too.
If the global warming advances and the rice can't grow was a shocking problem for me, so I want to prevent the global warming.

I read your article. Your analysis to global warming is very nice. I especially thought that it's a good about greenhouse gas. Moreover,I also thought that we need so stop global warming. So,we should understand the danger and influence. And, I wish each people switch a sensible approach to the problem all over the world.

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