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by 018 chiho on June 4, 2014 - 11:15am

I have never thought about starve until I log on a website “Kozmoz International”. Therefore I didn’t know the activity such “Kansai Food Bank”. I researched the starve problem, then the serious problem was a terrible shock for me. I would write about starve problem, I referred to some websites such “Hunger Zero powered by Japan International Food for the Hungry”, “Food First powered by Institute for Food and Development Policy”, “World Food Programme” and so on. The biggest number of the cause of death all over the world is hunger in fact. I didn’t know the truth. For human, eating, drinking, water, nutrition and vitamin of foods are indispensable for the physical system, power, action, thinking and so on. The condition of people keep staving due to is named “starvation”. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has positioned that “the person who cannot have lowest weight for the man and his amount of energy falls below the lowest necessary the amount of energy” as inanition. By the way, the lowest necessary the amount of energy depends on his age, frame, an active level, illness, health, pregnancy, nurse and so on. In add to such cause, the health depends on a lot of foodstuff like iodine, zinc, iron, and some vitamin. The people who lives in a developing country are highly susceptible to the influence of the starvation, of all others, influence for children is so serious. For example, pneumonia and diarrhea is the one of the world cause of death of children under the five years of age. However this isn’t obstinate disease, but inanition is thought productive of such disease. This fact mean that a lot of life should be saved is killed in starvation. I would write about a lot of shocking facts. At first, the number of the world’s population is about seventy hundred million, and the number the number of the world’s population that suffer from starvation is about ten hundred million. Second, a children dies of starvation every five seconds in the world. Third, one in every three people who lives in the south of Africa are inanition. Forth, people needs about one hundred eighty kilograms of grain in a year, and the production of grain in the world is about twenty three ton, so people all over the world can eat about three hundred thirty kilograms of grain in a year, but a lot of people still suffer from starvation. By the way, what can we do? We have a lot of answers. For example, to propagate by social networking service, a campaign to raise funds, to send mistake in writing postcard and so on. As important as anything, we have to understand the seriousness, and think about solution. We surely be not able to do for people who suffer from starvation, but we must not stop to cooperate. One for all, all for one. I want to think about this serious problem and cooperate with eradication of stravation from now on.


Hi! My name is Abigail Laissen, and I am a student at the College of Westchester in New York. I noticed that you included many facts about hunger and starvation, including the number of children who die every five seconds. I'd love to read your sources of this information. Can you tell me what book or article it is from? Also, you have many good ideas about raising awareness of this problem I like your idea about using social networking.

Thanks for sharing this information!

Thank you for your comment. I think this is so serious problem, too. I tell you the web site, so please read the article. Shall we think about this problem?

Thanks for your response. I had a moment to review the websites you provided. Good work! It's been informative and informational sharing information with you, and I'm glad that you pointed out an international problem that we all can help solve.

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