"SHARP" (merchant)

by Tomoya on May 22, 2014 - 4:06am

     I will introduce about advanced corporation. Especially, I focused on the “SHARP” corporation. As you know, this corporation is advanced it in the world. The company is famous for the world. In addition, this corporation creates an electric substance, maybe you know. For example, TV, PC, phone, and so on. Also I was using their products.

At first, I introduce about the history of this company. It was built in 1912 by Hayakawa. And then, the corporation was located to the Tokyo. In 1915, his product which is pencil was made at the first time by him. The name of the pencil is “ever lady sharp”. It derives from this corporation. However, the corporation was broken by the earthquake. His lost all of his family. I think his situation was bad, and he was disappointed all of them. In 1925, the corporation made a radio at the first time.

 After the war, in a comprehensive household appliance, Matsushita Electric Industrial and Sony gained power, this overwhelming difference was attached by two companies in business and sales force, and also there are an incident etc. which the television made from a sharp ignited suddenly, and became a big fire, and the time of a downturn continues. In 1962, the first time that the electrical range was made in the industry. Also, the company invented its own new type. Most people were attracted by these goods and they bought them. At that same time, the corporation was getting more and more, and growing up.

 In addition, the mass production of a solar cell, it will be started and the share of a solar cell will be the second largest in the world even now in 1963.

In addition, common batteries are not produced. The electronic calculator was made by an all transistor diode will be developed in 1964 more. In the calculator war with subsequent such as Casio. The development of liquid crystal technology as display parts are begun, and the CMOS calculator is using a liquid crystal to a display will be developed in 1973. It is connected now when this experience is called "the sharp of a liquid crystal."

The purpose is to be honest to a customer, and contributing to the culture. Most people who working at the corporation, are improving their skills for making to something, and try to improving their corporate and each person if feeling happy. Worker has to be cooperatively, and helping each other. I think if the worker didn’t help each other, the corporation will not be a large company. On the other hand, if they were helping each other, the company will be getting bigger.

Now, there are a lot of people in the corporation. Approximately, 50,000 million is working. The company is larger any other companies, however, this corporation was small company many years ago. According to the boss in this corporation, we can understand that his effort made his corporation bigger. And his character was very good. That’s why I think he is one of the succeed person in a corporation.


I read your article. I think your article is very clear, so I can understand.
I using SHARP's television. I think SHARP's product is very good, so I hope many people use SHARP's product.

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